American Idol Results Show Elite 8 Become Top 7 (Review)

American Idol Results Show Elite 8 Become Top 7  (Review)

American Idol Results Show Elite 8 Become Top 7 episode will see one of the remaining Elite 8 American Idol finalists leave the show. The judges have used their one save just last week on Sam Woolf, so someone will be going home tonight, the person that you, America, gave the fewest votes to. There will be no more Saves, & no more second chances. Will that contestant be Sam Woolf, once again; or, were his duet and solo performances last evening good enough to keep him in the competition for one more week?

The host of American Idol, Ryan Seacrest, began this half-hour Results episode by saying that there will be no more Saves. Then, he introduced the three judges of American Idol, Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and Harry Connick, Jr.

After recapping last’s 1980s themed  American Idol episode, we got to see the remaining finalist discussing amongst themselves last night’s performances. They weren’t at dinner, as they have been in past episodes; it looked like they were lounging around, relaxing, and talking over what happened and if anyone had thought that Keith Urban’s fake “mullet” (really hair extensions) was real. Then, American Idol went to its first commercial break of the episode.

Ryan  didn’t waste any more time of the brief 30-minute American Idol episode. He had Dexter, Caleb, Jessica, and C.J. come up onto the stage first. Randy discusses how they did, saying he thought Dexter had a lot more to show during this competition. Randy also liked that C.J. demonstrated he could “go to the high octaves.”

Randy said he thought Jessica “did enough with the voters to keep in the competition.” Meanwhile, Caleb :showed a softer side of himself: singing the Journey song, “Faithfully.”

Ryan said that “The first person Safe for tonight and making it through is — Caleb Johnson! Also getting good news for tonight is — Jessica Meuse! We’ve got Dexter and C.J. remaining. One person is Safe, the other is in the dreaded Bottom Two.”  Dexter Roberts is Safe, while C.J. is in the Bottom Two! Ryan said we’ll find out who the other person in the Bottom Two is right after another commercial break.

Who will be the other person in the Bottom Two? Sam Woolf did very well last night, and that might have helped him continue on in the competition. Or, perhaps the voters of America decided to vote for him, just based on the fact that the judges used their one Save on him last week. Who knows?

Ryan got ready to announce more results. He had Sam, Malaya, Jena, and Alex come onto the stage. Randy said that Sam “proved himself that he belongs in the competition,” but he called Sam’s chances “50/50.”

Randy said that “Malaya could find herself in a little bit of trouble with tonight’s votes.”

On Alex, Randy said “I dunno — I thought this version maybe went a little bit too different from the original” when he sang “Every Breath You Take.”

Randy thought that Jen’s performance of I “love Rock and Roll” kept her Safe.

Ryan said that Alex was Safe, then he showed Jena’s picture up on the screen as well — she was also Safe. Then, Ryan announced that Sam Woolf was Safe; that left Malaya, who is the other person in the Bottom Two.

That was something that seemed unexpected — Malaya sang very well, and there didn’t seem to be any way that she would wind up in the Bottom Two.

Back from break, Ryan had Malaya and C.J. were on stage together. ryan said that Malaya Watkins would be the one leaving American Idol tonight. That was a major shocker, as she had consistently performed extremely well. Nothing against C.J.; it just seemed very odd that Malaya would be going home tonight. VERY odd….

Malaya, obviously emotional, managed to keep herself together as she sang her final song on the American Idol stage for this season, “I’m Changing.” She was in tears, though, as she ended the song, as was J-Lo.  Keith, J-Lo, and Harry gave her a standing ovation.

American Idol has gone from the Elite 8 to the Top Seven tonight. Whether you agree with how America voted or not, sadly, Malaya Watkins will be going home. What are your opinions on the Results Show? Please leave your comments below!


Written by: Douglas Cobb