An Angelina Jolie Look-Alike Stabs and Sexually Assaults Taxi Driver [Warning: Graphic Video]

An Angelina Jolie Look-Alike Stabs and Sexually Assualts Taxi Driver

Romanian resident Luminita Perijoc, age 31, declared she was the victim of rape after she herself dragged taxi driver Nicolae Stan, age 35, into her apartment in the Romanian city of Tulcea and supposedly forced him to perform sex acts while she held him at knifepoint. This was back in 2012. Perijoc was said to be an Angelina Jolie lookalike and forced the cabbie to have intercourse two times on her. When he was unable to perform a third time, she became enraged and brutally stabbed him six different places on his body.

Stan explained he had been hired by Perijoc twice to bring several bags and bottles of wine to her apartment. The second time when he arrived, Perijoc dragged him inside and angrily demanded what she wanted. When the man refused, the sex-crazed female took out a 10 cm knife and ordered him to take off all his clothes. When he was unable to perform a third time, she stabbed him at least six times but somehow he was able to get away and lock himself in a bedroom. He proceeded to call the phone on his cell phone and when they arrived, they hurried him away to a nearby hospital.

Associates told the public that Perijoc attempts to model herself on Hollywood megastar Angelina Jolie to the brink they say she is obsessed with the celebrity.

Perijoc originally attempted to say she was the one who had been raped in the attack but a court refused any of her claims. The Jolie wannabe was first given a five year sentence but then it was scaled back to four years because the court looked at new evidence which stated she had been extremely mentally compromised due to the high medication doses she was taking.

Stan exclaimed that he could have attempted to overpower her but he feared that the general public and, more importantly the police, would think he had raped her instead of the other way around so he tried to get out of the apartment without harming her. He added that he believed she was not use to men turning her down and this was what caused her violet rage after he declined her advances.

Stan was reportedly quieter when he told what Perijoc did to him. He declared that she took out a knife and made him to take off all his clothes and then have sex with her and also perform oral sex. She was not happy with one time and wanted sex again. When Stan said no, she attacked him with the knife, and forced him to another rape. All the while, she continued to stab him.

An Angelina Jolie Look-Alike Stabs and Sexually Assualts Taxi Driver

He hung his head when he stated that the actual worst thing about the entire event was that people were teasing him for rejecting a woman who looks like Angelina Jolie in the first place. He also explained that the entire experience was terrible. He stated that for some reason he had become some kind of local superstar and it was awful.

Stan also spoke about how the people taunting him have no idea why he turned her down and how it feels to have an irate woman screaming at knifepoint. The jeering never has let up on the man. However at least justice served in his favor, Luminita Perijoc was given five years in prison.

Stan is married and has three children, and feels that Perijoc has been basically let off easy while he was given a life sentence.

Some people might find this story amusing and even sort of agree with the individuals, who are teasing Nicolae Stan, but this was a violent rape, and the man is dealing with a lot of pain and suffering. So what the woman looked like Angelina Jolie, does that make it okay?

Would a woman being forcibly raped and almost stabbed to death be okay if her attacker looked like Brad Pitt? What about if he had the appearance of Dr. Frankenstein’s monster? Would the difference in looks make it okay?

Remember the key points:  Luminita Perijoc allegedly dragged taxi driver Nicolae Stan into her apartment and forced him to perform sex acts while she held him at knifepoint.

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By Kimberly Ruble


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