Babysitting Barter and Kidz Entertainment

babysitting barterNeed a babysitter but not sure you trust little Miss Facebook from down the street? Looking for excellent educational materials for your children? You can find the perfect fit for your family on Babysitting Barter and Kidz Entertainment. According to a recent press release, Babysitting Barter offers services that connect parents online with trustworthy sitters, all the while, supporting local businesses. Kidz Entertainment offers unique picture books that stimulate children on a sensory level, educating them on important topics.

With Babysitting Barter, parents are able to form cooperatives where they watch each other’s children as well as schedule and trade babysitting with friends and family. They can also connect with local paid sitters through Trustworthy Ties. The site guarantees more money to sitters than any other opportunity due to the viral economy created on the site. The sitters can earn a Barter Bonus on top of the money paid to them by parents. The bonus is redeemable for cash, gift cards and coupons.

The group supports local business with their free Event Calendar. Babysitters post their availability for local events allowing parents to book them with one click and send customers to local businesses. They also feature Barter Business Network, where local restaurants, service industries and retail stores offer deeply discounted coupons at no charge to the business.

Babysitters can get a free, safe account through Babysitting Barter. They promote the development of long-term relationships; babysitters can expand their network by forming Facebook Friends. Parents are much more likely to trust the babysitters their friends use than strangers. This site offers an excellent, much-needed service, and promises to revolutionize babysitting.

Their sister site Kidz Entertainment recently announced the arrival of a unique new picture book set called Rescue Hero. It is available for purchase on their website and at New York area retailers. This series raises awareness about animal welfare, animal rescue and adoption.

The story book also contains a CD of the title song Rescue Hero and a sing along music sheet. With the product kids also get purple plush dogs for boys and a handbag for girls. Both are modeled after characters in the book.

Kidz Entertainment offers excellent quality, cleverly packaged products that provide educational, musical and interactive content. The products offer children the fantastical world of children, animals and music combined. They reach out to children on the sensory level. Their books are bright with wonderful illustrations, factual information about breeds and music sheets with an award-winning CD attached to the back cover.  They offer coloring books with crayons and a 49 piece puzzle that depicts a variety of dogs in various locations. Choose your own muff/handbag/stuffed animal and make up your own picture book packages. These books are for ages 3-7.

Both companies are excellent choices for parents to get involved in. Kidz Entertainment offers unique and creative ways to entertain your child while Babysitting Barter offers a convenient and innovative platform to seek out babysitting services. They provide interesting choices for parents as well as opportunities for success and collaboration.

Commentary By: Nicole Drawc


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