Buckwild Returns to MTV

buckwildThe crazy, stunt-filled show, Buckwild returns to MTV for season 2 after being cancelled last year due to the death of their cast member Shain Gandee. The Daily Mail reported that Gandee and two others died of carbon monoxide poisoning  last year after the SUV they were travelling in was submerged in deep mud. The exhaust pipe was buried, causing the gas to seep into the vehicle. Gandee died along with his uncle David Gandee who was 48 and 27 year-old Donal Robert Myers.

Sources tell TMZ that they have been shooting the show for about a month now in Wasilla, Alaska with a whole new cast. The show will be the same as it was previously, there will be bar fights, hook-ups and lots of insane stunts including skinny dipping in freezing cold water while ice fishing, a wild snowmobile ride through the mountains and people being pulled on inner tubes. The show promises excitement, craziness and general stupidity.

Buckwild cast members and the show itself have stirred up much controversy. As Buckwild returns to MTV, fans remember the animosity that many had toward the show. In a 2013 TMZ article, Mayor Danny Jones of Charleston, West Virginia (where the show was shot previously) said that cast members of the show had two previous run ins with the law and one is dead. He said the show enhances negative stereotypes of people in the area and hoped that it would be cancelled permanently. Among the program’s other foes is Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginian who described the show as a travesty that garners a following from depicting shameful behavior. He encouraged MTV to cancel it.

Among the controversial goings-on with cast members, the show’s Shae Bradley and Jesse J were ordered to destroy their homemade sex tape after an emotional trial where Shae got an injunction to block Jesse J from releasing the tape publicly.

Two more of the show’s cast members have been in trouble with the law. One star, Anna Davis, was busted last year for aggravated DUI and another cast member Salwa Amin was arrested in a drug raid at a friend’s house and was temporarily released from prison so she could go to inpatient rehab for opiates.

It appears that the cast members were chosen based on how much trouble they could stir up outside of the show. Is this an attempt to attract attention from fans and foes? The more attention these types of shows get, the better their ratings are. It is very likely that the show’s following has increased based on these offenses and the crazy behavior depicted on-screen.

What types of followers this type of show attracts is another question. What makes these type of wild, ridiculous shows so attractive to begin with? Is it the stunts, the stereotyping or the drama? As Buckwild returns to MTV it remains to be seen if this season will prove to be as insane on and off-screen as last. One thing is for certain, this is not a boring show and fans will have their fill of excitement when they tune in.

Opinion by: Nicole Drawc