‘Captain America 3’ Predictions: The Captain out, Winter Soldier In

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier has exceeded all expectations and topped $300 million worldwide, but as the movie continues to wow the crowd with its turnarounds, directors Anthony and Joe Russo are already shaping the third installment, which could mean that the Captain is out and the Winter Soldier is in, if comics predictions become a reality. Now that The Winter Soldier has had its share of success, the actors are ready to go back to the studio. Marvel’s tradition of offering at least one post-credits scene has offers patient fans one possible scenario for Avengers: Age of Ultron and another for Chris Evans’ final portrayal of the caring Captain.

Captain America sequel is conquering the box office, but the predictions for movie number three have already began to appear, and it seems that the Captain could be out of the picture and the Winter Soldier in his shoes. While talking about the third installment with newsarama, directors Anthony and Joe Russo admitted that they only “started breaking story,” and admitted that their current goal is to “let the movie play, and see what people respond to, and maybe that becomes the story.” However, when taking into consideration that in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, S.H.I.E.L.D. was annihilated, the directors could have in store another turnaround for the last part of the franchise. Since the comics decided to kill the nation’s Captain and allow the Winter Soldier to take his place, the possibility that the movie could follow this direction cannot be excluded, especially when the directors do not deny the idea.

Russo brothers told newsarama that Captain America: The Winter Soldier offered fans a glimpse of how the villain might become the hero in the scene where the Winter Soldier, played by Sebastian Stan holds the Captain’s shield. According to the directors, “that’s our little wink to the comics, and the future that character will have from the comics.”

Post-credits Scene Follow-up

At the end of the credits, the Winter Soldier goes to Captain America’s wing of the Smithsonian, where he intensely looks at the part of the exhibit about himself. As the music flows, the camera zooms in on his face and then the screen goes black. The second installment made it clear that Bucky Barnes has started to remember parts of his previous life, but the music offers a clear hint that he is not happy about the prospect. Comics readers already know that Bucky goes after the people who turned him into the Winter Soldier, but also that he does not refuse the chance to fight Captain America, the Black Widow and Falcon in the process.

Taking into consideration that Sebastian Stan admitted to having a nine-movie contract, while Chris Evans approaches the end of his deal with Marvel, it could mean that the comics might come true. The comics fans embraced the idea according to which Bucky Barnes becomes the symbol of America but, as the directors told newsarama, “Chris Evans is going to be Captain America” until his contract expires. Nonetheless, predictions regarding Captain America 3 have already started to surface and the summary looks like this:┬áthe Captain could be out of the picture and the Winter Soldier could walk more than a mile in his shoes.

By Gabriela Motroc

The Hollywood Reporter

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