Chelsea Clinton: 5 Things You Should Know

Chelsea ClintonChelsea Clinton is due to have her first baby this fall, but here are five things you should know before the ex-presidents daughter gives birth. When she talked about her life she had a way of making people forget she was ever the president’s daughter. So much so that people would ask her what part of town she grew up in. To her life was normal with her learning to read at the age of three just as father did. She also took ballet and played softball when she was young. She even skipped the third grade and by the age of eleven knew how to work the stock market not an easy feat. Through her awkward teen years she was scrutinized which came as a shock to Chelsea Clinton as she had been sheltered most of her life. Another thing you should know is Chelsea was very into math and went to math camp and earned the nickname “Energy.” She also continued ballet through her teen years.

When Chelsea was fifteen she went on tour with her mother in India and the press seemed to love her. Another thing to know is she started Stanford as a pre-med student later, in her junior year, she changed her major to history and did an impressive thesis on North Ireland peace process. After finishing her thesis, she then headed to Oxford to study International Relations. Another interesting fact is in 2010 she had the airway shut down around her wedding for 12 hours to keep the paparazzi at bay. Chelsea is a very private person and likes to keep her life quiet as well. Chelsea does not speak about her father’s affair and those who ask about it are quickly deflected. A big passion of Chelsea’s and her mother’s is the illegal ivory trade and what they can do to prevent it. Not only is Chelsea on the board for the Clinton Foundation, but she is also on the board of the School of American Ballet.

Chelsea’s now works with her family in the foundation Bill, Hilary, Chelsea Clinton. The interesting thing is she was adamant not to work with the family business as she had different needs. She originally took efforts to keep her work life separate from her family. She worked on Wall Street for a few years, but she found it was not satisfying and wanted to help others. She found that she was more interested in public health than making money. Money was something she just did not care about. Chelsea also helped her mother campaign when she was trying to run for presidency back in 2008. By the end of the campaign Chelsea Clinton had spoken to as many as 100 colleges about Hilary Clinton. She is supportive of her family, but does not have political aspirations. One last thing to know is Chelsea was very close with her Grandmother. She is continuing her work in her honor. She wants to make sure that her future children have a world to live in.

Opinion by Heather Tillman