Chicago Teen Girl Allegedly Killed Another Teen Girl Over Boy

Chicago Teen Girl Allegedly Killed Another Teen Girl Over Boy

A Chicago teen girl, age 14, who has been accused of allegedly killing another girl in an argument over a boy supposedly first tried to unsuccessfully fire a gun at the victim before another individual fixed it for her and then gave it back to her so she could shoot it again, stated Illinois prosecutors on Tuesday.

That factor came to light during a hearing being held in juvenile court in which the girl appeared which a charge of first-degree murder in the slaying of Endia Martin, age 14, on Monday.

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy stated that the two teenagers were fighting back and forth about a boy. Prosecutors declared that the suspect went to a dwelling that was located in a neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side at around 7:30 p.m. on Monday evening in order to keep an argument going that had supposedly started on Facebook.

Due to a statement that was read in the juvenile court and then later relayed by the Cook County Attorney’s Office, the teenage girl aimed the gun at a crowd of people that were all standing together on a porch and pulled back the trigger. However it did not fire. She then supposedly handed the gun one of the people in the group to have that person fix the malfunction and then that individual gave it back to her.

At this point she began shooting with what the police said was a .38-caliber revolver. Martin was hit in the back and another teenage girl, age 16, but unidentified, was struck in the arm. The suspect’s name has not been released to the public because she has been charged as a juvenile.

No one else has been charged as of this time, said prosecutors. However the investigation is on-going, and there have been two other individuals taken into custody. Chicago police believe that one of the people in custody is the one who took the gun to the fight scene and that each of the people attempted to get rid of it after the shooting occurred.

The girl was being represented by a lawyer who is with the county’s public defender’s office and they refused to give any comment to the public.

It was being reported that the gun was stolen about two weeks ago from a car that was parked in another neighborhood also located on the South Side and a portion of the police investigation will include tracing back how that specific weapon came to be used in a homicide

Chicago’s war on violent crime is being closely observed. Back in 2012, it led the United States in homicides by experiencing over 500 and closed out 2013 with nearly 420. That may have been the lowest in almost 50 years but it was still far more than any other U.S city and that is including the much bigger metropolises of Los Angeles and New York.

Many believe that it is much too easy to be able to get a gun in Chicago. One person stated that what would have been most likely under other circumstances been only a fist fight between two teenage girls because they were arguing over a boy turned into murder. He added how long has it been that girls have fought over boys and boys have fought over girls?

The teen girl, age 14, has been accused of allegedly killing the other teen girl, also age 14 in an argument over a boy.

By Kimberly Ruble

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