Chris Brown Faces Trouble With the Law Again

Chris BrownThis Monday, Chris Browns trial will begin in Washington. The singer is facing trouble with the law again, and is being charged with assault after he and his bodyguard allegedly punched another man in the face. Brown has been in jail since March when he was suspected of violating the terms of a probation sentence that resulted from his 2009 conviction of assault on singer Rihanna. If Brown is found guilty, he could face a fine of up to $1000, and serve up 180 days in jail.

Browns Central Jail in LA to a facility in Washington where his trial will be held this Monday. Brownnose when he tried to have his picture taken with Brown and two female fans. The alleged attack occurred nearly six months ago outside a Washington hotel, and is not the reason for Chris Browns current incarceration. If he is found guilty however, he could serve up to six months in prison, due to his previous charges.

Only 5 short years ago Brown’s girlfriend Rihanna reported violence hours before they were scheduled to perform together at the Grammy Awards. The report was that Brown pushed her head against his car window, repeatedly hitting her and choking her while he drove. He then allegedly threatened to kill her when she pretended to leave a message for her assistant. Chris Brown was arrested hours later and booked on suspicion of making criminal threats. Since then Brown has made public apologies, telling reporters that the incident was a wake-up call for him, but now he is back in court facing trouble with the law again.

Chris Brown was not alone during his brief court appearance on Friday. His mother, and rapper Bow Wow were among those who showed up to the Washington courthouse support Brown as he faces trouble with the law again. Superior Court Judge Patricia Wynn set Brown’s trial date for Monday, and delayed giving her verdict for his bodyguard, Christopher Hollosy until Monday as well. Judge Wynn said she needed more time to come to a decision, but is expected to give her ruling for Hollosy before the beginning of Browns trial on Monday. Both Brown and Hollosy are facing misdemeanor assault charges, and each of their cases will be tried separately and decided by a judge not a jury. Brownaccusations, saying he punched Adams after he attempted to get on Browns tour bus. Brownfrom a bloody nose. The latest charges against Brown have already been reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor due to conflicting witness statements, but the judge must still decide if Brown was in violation of his probation when he was arrested at the end of March.

By Sandra Pugliese