Chris Brown Trial Delayed for Months

BrownThe assault charge trial for Chris Brown has been delayed for months because his bodyguard, who is a key witness in the singer’s case, was denied immunity. Bodyguard Christopher Hollosy said that he would not testify without immunity until he has finished appealing his own case. Immunity would allow Hollosy to testify without putting his own case in jeopardy. A June status hearing has been scheduled for Brown’s case.

In October 2013, the two were arrested in Washington, D.C., for allegedly punching a man. Brown was released and eventually got kicked out of a court-ordered rehab program. He completed the required 90 days, but was then ordered by the judge to remain there until his trial, which was scheduled for this month. After violations in rehab, Brown was arrested and put in jail on March 14, where he has remained since.

Brown was made to fly across the country from California to Washington, D. C., on the prisoner transport airline Con-Air. Now Brown faces another long Con-Air trip back across the country, because U.S. Marshals told a Los Angeles judge that Brown would be returned to California. The Con-Air trips can take a while because they contain stops at other prisons, layovers, buses and plane changes, while all of the prisoners are chained.

Chris Brown’s attorney, Mark Geragos, is reacting to the news that his client’s trial is delayed for months. Geragos plans to ask the same California judge to allow the singer to be released so that he may travel back to the Los Angeles jail on his own. Geragos said that he believes keeping Brown in custody “on this misdemeanor” is “a little over the top.” He went on to say that everyone saw the bodyguard’s trial, “which was nothing more than a bloody nose.” Geragos also made it a point to say that the bodyguard “readily admitted” that he was the one who punched the man and “all of this is much ado about nothing.”

On Monday, Hollosy was found guilty for the assault of the man in Washington, D.C. Hollosy refused to talk to prosecutors about his testimony, which they cited as the main reason for refusing him immunity. According to their motion, they also believe that the bodyguard would lie in his testimony to aid Brown.

According to Geragos, Brown was expecting his bodyguard to testify in his defense at his trial, which was supposed to begin Wednesday, April 23. Hollosy is set to appeal Monday’s conviction and will not say anything in the meantime. Geragos said that he would rather have Hollosy’s testimony than not have it, but he doesn’t want his client to sit in jail waiting for it either. The attorney is confident that Brown will be aquitted if all the evidence is presented to the judge. “Chris did not hit this guy. And if Hollosy did, it was in defense of others,” said Geragos.

The alleged victim in the case, Parker Adams, is suing both Brown and Hollosy for $1.5 million each for the altercation that left him with a fractured nasal bone. The art student told police that both Brown and Hollosy punched him. Adam’s lawyer, John C. Hayes Jr., said “He’s certainly been traumatized.”

Although Chris Brown’s trial could be delayed for months, he has support from friends and family. Brown’s mother, Joyce Hawkins, was at his trial, along with Karrueche Chan, Bow Wow, and Tank, who also showed their support.

By Twanna Harps


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