Chupacabra Mythical Creature Living in Texas


The small town of Ratcliffe, Texas believes it has found the mythical Chupacabra living there, and it’s alive. This, according to Bubba and Jackie Stock, the couple who captured the creature in their backyard. The Stock’s live deep in woods of south Texas. Bubba Stock saw the animal while it was eating corn and he was able to capture it. Stock describes how her husband told her about the animal, saying to come look at the baby Chupacabra.

The Stock’s neighbor, Arlen Parma, also confirms that this creature is not a raccoon or a possum, because of the type of growl it has. Parma goes on to state that in the twenty years he has hunted animals, he has never seen anything that looks like this animal. The Stocks and their neighbor Parma are not the only people in the south to claim that this mystical creature is living in Texas, there was also another family who claimed they shot and killed a Chupacabra just last February.

A Chupacabra is a creature that has been described as hairless, with really long claws, and big teeth. It is said that Chupacabra’s like to feed on the blood of goats and cattle. One report said that eight sheep were found dead, with three puncture wounds in their chest, and they were each drained of blood. This creature has never been proven to exist, even though many people claim they have hunted it. The Chupacabra was first spotted in Puerto Rico, over 20 years ago. It has also been sighted in Maine, Chile, Russia and the Philippines.

However, many of these reports have been disregarded due to lacking solid physical evidence. Experts say that most of these sightings usually end up to be hairless animals or animals with mange, which is a skin disease that causes scabs, lesions, and hair loss. Benjamin Radford is an author and self-professed skeptic of the Chupacabra creature. Radford has investigated reports about the animal for five years before concluding that eyewitness reports of the Chupacabra were actually based on the monster of a horror film Species, and not a real life animal.

Back in Texas, the Stocks are keeping their mystical Chupacabra creature living in a cage in their backyard. The couple says the animal has been fairly peaceful now that they are feeding it corn and cat food. The family and neighbors believe that the creature is not a raccoon or a dog because it has a ferocious growl unlike anything they have ever heard. Parma is convinced that only a Chupacabra can make this type of noise. Brent Ortego is a wildlife biologist with Texas Parks and Wildlife. Ortego says that the animal is most likely a coyote, dog, or a fox with the mange. The Stocks do not agree with Ortego and are determined to keep the creature caged in their backyard. The Stocks believe they have made the discovery of a lifetime and will continue to seek out experts who can figure out exactly what this mysterious creature is.

Opinion by Sara Petersen

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