Colorado Woman Shot Dead While On the Phone to 911 For Help

Colorado Woman Shot Dead While On The Phone to 911 For Help

A Colorado woman dialed nine-one-one for help when her husband started having hallucinations about the end of the world and started to speak about them. For 13 long minutes, she talked about the terror she had for herself, their children and the husband.

She told the operator on the other end that Richard Kirk wanted her to shoot him. The wife let out a terrified scream as Kirk went and got one of his guns. Next the nine-one-one worker heard what sounded to be a gunshot and then the wife was silent on the line.

Denver police that responded to the scene would find the wife dead on Monday afternoon. She was in the family home and had an obvious gunshot wound to her head. She would be identified as Kristine Kirk.

Richard Kirk readily admitted to killing his wife without any questions stated police documents. So a Colorado police officer placed him inside the backseat of a patrol car without any further ado.

Such traumatic events are now being scrutinized by the Denver police, who are closely examining how nine-one-one handled the 13 minute emergency call and if Kirk was taking marijuana or some other type of drug, stated authorities on Wednesday. A Denver police spokesperson explained that the case was under investigation.

At a court hearing on Wednesday, Kirk, age 47, was ordered to be held without any bail due to an allegation of first-degree murder, the court records read.

Just this year, the city of Denver auditor’s office started to study Colorado police response times, which have begun to grow longer in more recent years, stated another spokesperson. The report is expected to be released to the general public in June, and Denver authorities have put the blame on have less police officers and restricted budgets that have been unable to hire more officers since back in 2008 as the reasons for the longer response times.

Lance Kirk, who is Richard Kirk’s brother, stated that he was shocked to hear what had happened. He stated that he hoped there were some answers that were able to come out of all that had happened. Lance added that his heart went out to Mrs. Kirk’s family, her three sons and also her mom, dad, sister and brothers. He was speaking about his deceased sister-in-law, and then he stated that what had happened was a very terrible thing.

Friends, family, and neighbors told the public they knew the Kirk couple only as devoted and loving parents. One neighbor stated that whatever the boys were going through, her prayers and thoughts were with them, and she hoped they were able to find some kind of peace.

Another neighbor said that the three boys were all in grade school and explained that she used to go to school with them and they were all really nice. They did not deserve to have such a thing happen to their mom and dad.

Mrs. Kirk dialed a Colorado nine-one-one service wanting help when her husband, Richard Kirk, started having hallucinations about the end of the world and started to speak about them.  However her call would be in vain.

By Kimberly Ruble


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