Comic Book Lovers Beware

Comic Book Lovers Beware

If you pull up a list of comic books that have been turned in to movies on the internet you’ll find an alphabetized list of well over one hundred movies. These action filled movies offer a brand of suspense and adventure audiences can’t get enough of. However, Hollywood is aware that all good things come to an end. Comic book lovers beware, the beloved film adaptations of our favorite characters may soon come to an end. Unfortunately it only takes one film to perform poorly at the box office for the bubble to burst.

For the last several years movies such as The Dark Knight, Spiderman 2 and Captain America have shown record numbers at the box office. In some instances the lead characters have been given a dark, more sinister persona to add grit and interest to the story lines.

What may help the genre survive is the annual Comic Con event. A fan favorite where the latest, greatest and iconic all converge for a weekend of riffing, pitching, play and debauchery. Although the event got its start as just a comic book convention in recent years Comic Con has become a pop culture magnet. With the inclusion of movie and TV studios in the festivities, what visitors now experience is a relentless on slot of action figures, toys, lights, cameras and costumes. Movie studios will have an enormous presence at this year’s event in an effort maintain the momentum built in the last several years.

In the modern day pitch land that is Comic Con many a script has come do die. Lovers of movies based on comic books and their lead characters should beware while in attendance. As visitors don their costumes and capes, autographs are being gathered and selfies taken with a favorite action star, your most beloved franchise could be one poorly pitched script away from being abolished.

Should your favorite comic book franchise be placed in the hands of a great screenwriter with a proven track record you may be in luck? Writers such as Stan Lee who provided the text for block busters like X-Men and Iron Man or possibly Alan Moore who dazzled audiences with The Watchmen and Judge Dredd will no doubt be sought after. Chances are you won’t find these men begging for scraps.

Not all of the news from comic book movie land is bad. Captain America: The Winter Soldier recently had a 98 million dollar weekend breathing life into the genre once again. Cenifiles should also keep in mind that the summer blockbuster season is on the horizon. Powerhouse players like Marvel Comics with offerings such as X-Men: Days of Future Past are poised to break summer records and offer fans a welcome sigh of relief.

Comic book movie lovers may be wondering what they can do to save their beloved genre. If the movie studios have their way, audiences will have their comic book movie fix if they simply go to the movies. Industry insiders believe that due to the versatility they can offer with comic book story lines this genre could preserve the notion of multi-faceted film making.

By T. Lawson