Connecticut Teenager Allegedly Stabbed to Death by Boy She Turned Down for Prom

Connecticut Teenager Allegedly Stabbed to Death By Boy She Turned Down For Prom

The family of a Connecticut teenager, age 16, who was stabbed to death inside her high school only hours before her junior prom, state they are shocked and devastated. Paramedics were called to the scene at Jonathan Law High School in Milford, Connecticut just after 7 a.m. on Friday morning.

Maren Sanchez was attacked in one of the school hallways. School staff and emergency responders performed life saving techniques on the teen, but Sanchez later passed away at a nearby hospital, stated Police Chief Keith Mello. He explained that Sanchez had suffered a severe injury to her neck but did not go into any detail about the attack.

A teenage boy was taken into custody by a school officer a few moments after the attack said Mello. The boy’s name has not been released to the public due to juvenile offender laws. One student stated the alleged killer teenager was angry that Sanchez refused to go to the prom with him. He said he thought the supposed offender got really upset by the refusal.

Other students were wondering if jealousy had been a reason for the attack, due to the fact that Sanchez and the suspect were friends. However they added she also had a boyfriend who was taking her to the prom. It is possible that the offender might have been a previous boyfriend who wanted to take her, but no one is able to say for sure. Police were unable to confirm anything which might give some light on a motive. The attack itself was seen by one school staff associate, explained Mello. He also stated that the fatal stabbing was believed to be an isolated event and said the school was considered safe.

The Sanchez family released a statement that read the unprovoked attack on Maren had resulted in the permanent loss of her from their lives. They stated the teenager was a bright light who had dreams and hopes of her future. They added that she should have been celebrating her prom but instead her family gets to mourn her death and try to understand such a senseless loss of life.

The junior prom was put on hold and instead there was an informal gathering held where other students could bring their corsages to the school’s gymnasium in memorial of Maren.  It was announced that counseling would also be available to anyone who felt he or she needed it.

Students stated that the scene was chaotic and emotional with numerous individuals sobbing as police and paramedics covered the school grounds. They found themselves going to various social media sites just to try and discover what had happened.

Classmates reported that Sanchez was a gifted musician, very smart, a class officer, was well liked and also respected.

A moment of silence was held inside Connecticut’s House of Representatives for Sanchez and town officials have declared the teenager’s murder is shattering for the community.

Students stated that the teenager who was accused of killing Sanchez was well thought of. One classmate declared that he had talked to the suspect before and he seemed like a nice guy but no one ever really knows what is going on in the private lives of other people.

Another student stated that he had never seen the suspect be bullied or ever given any problems by others. He added that he had liked him and never would have believed he was capable of doing the horrible thing he did today, which was allegedly stab to death Maren Sanchez, age 16, only hours before her junior prom.

By Kimberly Ruble


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