Cough Remedies Made Simple


Cough remedies may not always be found only in a bottle on the shelf of the local drugs store. Sometimes, one of the more effective and convenient ways of finding a cure for a nagging cough may be found right under one’s nose. Coughing may actually be the best way for the body to expel microbes, foreign objects, or any other irritant that is within the breathing passages, however, a cough that seems to be more chronic than sedentary may be a sign of something more serious in which medical advice is more appropriate than a home remedy. Home remedies that are made to provide relief for what may seem like just a simple cough should not be recommended for use when other debilitating symptoms may be present, such as chest pain, difficulty breathing, and exhaustion. Furthermore, it is suggested that any home remedy should be carefully looked over as to not cause an adverse reaction with prescription drugs.

According to a report from Harvard University’s in reference to the American College of Chest Physicians guidelines, it is assumed that many of the ingredients contained in most over-the-counter cough medications are not as affected as believed to be. For this reason, trying some of the more traditional home remedies made to treat a simple cough may prove to be more effective. Researchers have actually investigated into the possibility of chocolate as having an ingredient that suppresses the vagus nerve that induces coughing. Steam may also be another effective home remedy for a simple cough due to its ability to make loosen secretions in order to make coughing more productive. One of the most popular effective ways of controlling a cough is chicken soup. Since chicken soup is presumed to contain the same ingredients that work like an anti-inflammatory would, it is possible that one cup of chicken soup may be all that is needed to speed up the body’s process of discharging mucus.

Naturally, over-the-counter remedies should not go ignored if these home remedies seem ineffective for relieving a simple cough. Antihistamines, suppressants, and decongestants may also have herbal substitutes that offer the same effects on a cough. Echinacea is a popular herbal remedy for simple coughs and may also work wonders for building up the immune system in order to provide as much protection as possible during cold seasons. The use of Echinacea lozenges is presumed to help prevent infections, and consequently reduces chances of developing a cough. Because there are several types of coughs, it may be best to understand what makes each cough in terms of symptoms as to not assume that cure only needs to be derived from a simple remedy made at home. A dry cough is one that occurs when the throat is inflamed, in which a steam treatment should be able to keep this sort of cough under control. On the other hand, most chronic coughs may signify an underlying condition that goes beyond a simple home-made remedy and should be addressed accordingly. All in all, home remedies may be helpful for the time being, and may provide some sort of relief until the proper medical attention can be administered.

Opinion by Stephanie Tapley


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