David Moyes Not Leading Manchester United Much Longer

David Moyes
This Sunday, the legendary Manchester United FC lost a match to Everton FC. Normally, such a seemingly simple occurrence would not quite be grounds for major discontent, but United has been displeased with their manager’s efforts for a while now. With the Premiere League season drawing to a close, and the team moving forward without having secured a Champions League slot, Manchester United will not be carrying forward much longer with David Moyes leading them.

A near firestorm of comments has erupted both in England and online, varying from those that support the club’s inclination to comments that are confused by the nature of the situation. Most, if not all, of the influential figures from former years of the United club have backed up Moyes and the apparent difficulty of his position. Sir Alex Ferguson, the manager of United just prior to Moyes, noted back in October 2013 that for a team to have a manager with a record of longevity such as Moyes was a great advantage.

Moyes was Everton FC’s manager from 2002 to 2013. Everton won over 40 percent of their games during this time. For a team that was averaging slightly fewer victories in prior years under different managers, Moyes’ efforts were truly not exorbitantly displeasing. But since Manchester United lost to the very team that David Moyes used to manage on Sunday, it could have been one of the driving reasons that the club no longer seeks for him to lead them much longer.

Matt Busby, who served as United FC’s manager from 1945 to 1969, was able to take the team all the way to winning the European Cup in 1968. This made Manchester United the first English football team to ever pull off this accomplishment. Sir Ferguson succeeded Busby, and proceeded to manage the team for 26 years, being awarded 38 honors throughout his involvement. It was only after these benchmarks that David Moyes was appointed to replace Sir Ferguson, and it goes without saying that the club likely had unreasonably high expectations.

David Beckham, the famed football player who began his career with Manchester United, previously spoke on the need for the club to allow Moyes an acclimation period as their manager. In February 2014, Beckham commented that Moyes is “a great manager” and that there should be a “transitional period” for him.”

Despite the fact that Manchester United has not yet commented authoritatively on the widespread speculation of Moyes’ future, it has been established that the club is disappointed with having lost their opportunity at a Champions League slot. When Moyes took the helm as the club’s manager in May 2013, he was signed into a six-year deal. At the very least, this does not seem like the club is giving him the shot that he was allocated.

However, with this particular loss meaning that United has missed the Champions League boat for the first time in almost two decades, it is proving to be hard for the club to accept the change of pace. While no official decision has been set in motion, it is not looking good for David Moyes to be leading Manchester United much longer. The team has already been presented with a varietal array of potential replacements for Moyes. For now though, whoever will fill the position is anyone’s guess.

Commentary by Brad Johnson

Daily Mail
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