Demon Infested House Tortured Family for 10 Years Claims Book


A demon infested house tortured the Cranmer family for 10 years according to claims made in a new book recently published by Berkley press. Entitled The Demon of Brownsville Road: A Pittsburgh Family’s Battle with Evil in Their Home, the book tells the story of how Bob Cranmer and his family purchased a home in Pittsburgh, only to find out that it was possessed by a demon. At least that’s what Cranmer claims. The book was written by Cranmer and journalist Erica Manfred.

In the book, Cranmer explains that strange occurrences plagued his family. He says that they would awaken in the morning to find bite marks and scratches all over their bodies. The walls, he says, were coated with an unknown substance that when taken to a lab was unable to be identified. However, the substance was found to have “skin cells” in it. In addition to these unexplained phenomena, claims Cranmer, there were the requisite “moaning sounds,” water running, doors slamming, the radio turning on by itself, and phantom footsteps that seem to always accompany haunted or possessed houses.

Besides all of these “supernatural” phenomena, Cranmer claims the demon or demons would bend and break crucifixes throughout the house and on necklaces. All of the “manifestations” of the Cranmer’s demon were pretty run of the mill, it seems, with one exception. Their demon enjoyed hiding lego pieces in a closet wall. Interestingly, it seems Cranmer’s wife “spent several weeks in a psychiatric ward” due to these issues. There is no word on whether she had any previous psychiatric problems that might have led to her stay in the hospital.

Cranmer says that the demon left the house for good in 2006 of its own accord, “like a blazing fire that burned itself out.” Perhaps the demon was off to seek out greener pastures or new and more exciting lego pieces. Mixed into the story about the demon infested house that tortured Cranmer and his family for 10 years is a ghost story about the previous owners of the house. A sketch of them was found in the house with “evil” descriptions on the back of the paper. It seems the demon may also have an artistic flair as well.

To skeptics, Cranmer says “if people don’t want to believe it, ok, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true.” To date, there has never been a shred of scientific evidence to prove the existence of demons, ghosts or any other supernatural phenomena. Previous stories such as the one Cranmer recounts in his book have been long debunked as fraudulent, including the famous case of the Amityville Horror. In that case, the family’s lawyer as well as one of the children who lived in the home at the time of the “possession” eventually came right out and admitted the entire story was concocted “over a couple bottles of wine” for the purpose of books sales.

Somehow, the families involved in these so-called “haunted” and/or possessed houses never seem to be able to record any of these phenomena on video, even though video cameras are readily available to almost anyone and have become a typical piece of equipment embedded right into phones in current times. All stories of such haunting and possessions seem to always be attached to a money-making venture of some kind.

A demon infested house tortured the Cranmer family for 10 years claims a new book available on Amazon. Hopefully, it’s listed in the fiction section.

Opinion by: Rebecca Savastio





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  1. bob cranmer   January 30, 2015 at 1:51 pm

    It’s interesting and obvious the this woman didn’t read the book but merely watched media reports. Many, if not all of her questions or skeptical comments are answered in the book. Bob Cranmer

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