Denver Broncos Voluntary Workouts Begin Demarcus Ware Speaks

BroncosToday marked the first day of the NFL’s voluntary off-season workouts at team headquarters. At about 1:20 in the afternoon Mountain Standard Time, Demarcus Ware, one of the four marquis free agents added by Denver this off-season, spoke to the press about his first day working out at the Broncos’ Dove Valley Headquarters. He spoke about the differences in working with Denver’s strength coaches and fellow vaunted pass rusher Von Miller, as well as watching Peyton Manning to set the tone for the off-season.

Ware confirmed that he has not yet played in such a balanced pass-rushing scheme in his ten-year career and is looking forward to the opportunity to do so. He pointed out that being a pass-rusher is often “grunt” work in that a good pass-rusher is constantly getting double-teamed. He stated that working opposite Von Miller will provide a unique opportunity because teams simply cannot put two blockers on both of them all of the time.  He said, “All the pieces are here.  I just want to be that consistent guy.”


Since the workouts are in the “voluntary” phase of the offseason, meetings with Broncos position coaches and scrimmages are not allowed but it does not seem to matter to the Denver or national media, however.  Ware discussed working out with Miller, doing conditioning drills with the medicine ball, and doing some conditioning.  He said that Miller “looks good”, in that he is recovering nicely from ACL surgery performed in the second week of January, just weeks before the Broncos’ devastating loss in Super Bowl XLVIII, and adhering nicely to the NFL’s substance abuse program. “I think he’s going to have a great year,” Ware said.

It seems Ware cannot get through a press conference without someone reminding him that Miller modeled his own game after Ware. Ware chuckled and responded by saying they had watched some film together and that they were able to give each other some critique on similar moves and technique.

When he was asked about how the workouts differed from those in Dallas, Ware said that they were entirely different without going into much more detail than that, saying, “It’s an unconventional way of working out…It’s a whole different deal.”

When asked if the “altitude” was affecting him he said it was the first time he had ever put on a pulse watch, saw his pulse was at 170, and thought, “Are you kidding me?”

It should be noted that athletes in Denver are not working out at high altitudes, unless of course, they are doing jumping jacks on an airplane. Denver lies at a high elevation, exactly one mile above sea level or 5,280 feet, to be exact. Airplanes fly at altitude. Cities and geographical regions lie at specific elevations above sea level. The national sporting news has never been able to make this distinction.

Demarcus Ware also commented on Denver’s offense, once asked what his impression of it was. He responded by saying, “The offense is very simple but none of that matters when they’re executing.” He added that the distinction in its effectiveness is how efficient it is run by quarterback Peyton Manning.

Someone asked him if he had been taking cues from players like Bruce Smith, Reggie White, and Michael Strahan, all of whom excelled in their playing careers once reaching the age of 32 years old. Ware said he had actually spoken with Strahan, and that Strahan had told him to “make sure your lean,” enabling him to stay efficient and to stay driven to be effective long into the season. The Denver Broncos are hoping for another long season in terms of games played. Ware noted he would be watching NFL MVP Peyton Manning throughout the Broncos’ voluntary workouts to stay focused on “the little things” because he knew Manning still “has a bad taste in his mouth,” referring to last season’s Super Bowl.

Commentary by Joseph Porter

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