Elin Nordegren and Lindsey Vonn Are Good Friends

Nordegren Vonn WoodsTiger Woods’ ex-wife, Elin Nordegren was not shy about her desire to meet his new ladylove, Lindsey Vonn. However, she did not simply want to meet Vonn, she wanted to get to know her because she is going to be spending a significant amount of time with her children. Though it may seem a bit weird to some, when Elin Nordegren and Lindsey Vonn met, they hit it off are rumored to be good friends now.

Nordegren, 34 was married to Tiger Woods, 38 from 2004 to 2010 and they have two children together, Sam Alexis Woods, 6 and Charlie Axel Woods, 5. Their marriage ended after a cheating scandal was exposed involving Woods and a number of other women, over a dozen to be exact.

Now, Woods seems to have settled down once more and is dating U.S. ski racer, Lindsey Vonn, 29. As their relationship grew and began to get more serious, it was only obvious that Nordegren would want to meet and get to know Vonn because she will be spending a great deal of time with her children. Every mother needs to know her kids are in good hands and being cared for in her absence, right? However, what seems to have shocked people is that Elin Nordegren and Lindsey Vonn really liked each other, when they met, and are now good friends.

While this turn of events may seem strange to many, it truly is what is best for everybody involved, especially the kids. So many times, when a mom and dad go through a divorce and then move on and find new love interests, they end up arguing and fighting about who the kids can be around and some parents even force the kids to pick sides and play favorites. Acting this way is completely ridiculous because all it does is hurt the kids by dragging them on an emotional rollercoaster ride that it would be best avoided.

Thankfully, Nordegren and Vonn are acting like two mature women should and are making nice for the kids sake. However, sources say they are not faking it; the two women genuinely like each other. Nordegren loves that Vonn is a strong independent woman and the two new pals talk all the time.

Recently, Woods, Vonn, Nordegren, and the kids all went on vacation together. Talk about strange; that is virtually unheard of; who takes their ex-wife and new girlfriend on vacation together? While that scenario would not work for the vast majority of people, it worked really well for this trio.

Nordegren and Vonn have a good bit in common and Nordegren really likes the way Vonn keeps Woods in line. While on vacation, the two women even took off on their own for drinks and some much-needed girl time and left Woods behind to babysit the kids. Sources say the two women talked and laughed like they had known each other and had been friends forever.

Only time will tell if Woods and Vonn will last as a couple or if he will end up cheating on her like he did Nordegren. However, now that Elin Nordegren and Lindsey Vonn are good friends, they will most likely remain close even if Woods is no longer in the picture.

Opinion By Donna W. Martin


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