FC Barcelona Museum Prone To Trophy Drought This Season

FC Barcelona

Strategically situated at the Camp Nou arena, the luxurious exhibition centre boasts the most visited museum in Catalonia, with more than 25 million visits since inception in 1984. An experience at the stadium narrates an untold history of spectacular achievements at a glance. The availability of big screens displaying grand stunning moments of the club, portrays the irrelevancy of the press in providing real raw tremendous facts of the clubs’ successes since inception. Should anyone be wondering how the FC Barcelona museum can get prone to trophy drought this season? Just read on.

Currently surpassing Picasso museum to come first on the list as the most attractive museum in the Northeastern Spanish region, the interior of the eye-catching edifice is conceptually adorned with lifetime trophies and other forms of spectacular artifacts like, golden boots, iconic jerseys and remarkable footwear worn by past and present great players of the club and so on. The influx of trophies in recent times, portrayed the major challenge to the club’s most important asset. FC Barcelona’s consistent winnings in the past few years, had made task of updating trophies a regular routine in the famous Museu del FC Barcelona.

FC Barcelona had started out this season in great form, nearly wining every match they engaged in. Just as in the past, the Bulgrana side entered each tournament with their usual enthusiasm. Making waves through exceptional displays both at home and beyond. They had continued to maintain their flawless victories in most matches played. At the mention of their name, an irrepressible anxiety is instilled in the psyche of both fans and players of small, medium and big clubs. Exhibiting their habitual charisma and enthusiasm for victory, it was evident that the Spanish club was in for another big moment this time.

Astonishingly, this wonder team which had not conceded defeat since August 18, 2013 in every competition this season, got consecutively struck, devastatingly thrice asudden. The whole nightmare started in April 9, with a downward change of course on a 2-1 aggregate loss to Atletico. This defeat from a fraternal relation led to their unexpected elimination from Champions League. However, FC Barcelona never remained the same from that moment on. The team subsequently experienced a week-old defeating streak. They suffered a 0-1 humiliation from Granada 4 days later, before meeting their waterloo in Valencia at the merciless hands of Madrid last Wednesday.  This 7 day, 3-time disappointing occurrence led to the loss of 2 major silverwares in both Champions League and Copa del Rey respectively. Presently in the Spanish league, FC Barcelona is slipping away from chances of lifting La Liga title with 4 points behind No. 1 contender, Atletico Madrid. This foretells the tendency of FC Barcelona museum to get prone to trophy drought this season.

On these grounds, FC Barcelona’s prestigious museum should expect no silverware for exhibition this season from the senior men’s football side. It is however sad to say that the museum’s 30th anniversary will be celebrate under a trophy-less climate. This explains how FC Barcelona museum is prone to trophy drought this season.

Commentary by Obed Uche