Game of Thrones Behind the Scenes of the Purple Wedding

Game of Thrones

This does contain spoilers for season four. Fans are still in shock almost a week later as another character is killed in the Game of Thrones. Sure, Joffrey was an unlikable character, but it is always a shock when they lose a main character. Behind the scenes of the Game of Thrones during the purple wedding production only had four days to complete the 24 minute scene, which is a very tight schedule, when most movie productions of the same caliber are given two weeks for the same amount of time.  The director Alex Graves spent months getting the purple wedding and the feast of the purple wedding ready. It was a long process and required dozens of extras in the background and foreground. Also, this is the first time so many cast members have been in the same scene together.

According to Michele Clapton the costume director, she wanted to make sure Margaery’s dress was very traditional. Creatively it was a great experience for the writers because characters that normally didn’t react, with one another were given that chance. It all played out in real-time, which can be quite difficult. Every character’s actions had to make sense even when the camera was not on them. Also, keep in mind the purple wedding is focused on Joffrey.

The director Graves made sure to make everything have a tight flow and made everything go together quite nicely. At the purple wedding the little people scene was done in terrible taste and Joffrey loves it, but most of the other characters did not. The writers wanted to make sure the audience knew who Joffrey was like as a person. He can do whatever he wants as he is the King and he uses this power to further humiliate Tyrion his uncle once again. Behind the scenes of the purple wedding the cast was getting ready to let go of a beloved friend Jake Gleeson. He also, announced he would be retiring from acting. Gleeson says he does not love acting as much as he used too.

They wanted to give the feeling that something bad was going to occur, but to keep the audience in suspense about what it is that will happen. The Game of Thrones director knew this scene was going to take up half of the show. Behind the scenes of this purple wedding the director had to make sure that as the climax of this episode of the Game of Thrones came to an end that the audience could feel the tension.  Graves wanted to make sure it was a very sunny day, unlike previous episodes. His idea was to keep the audience in suspense about what bad thing was going to occur.  It was a very emotional ending for all not only the cast, but for the audience as well. The fans can expect this season to be about who killed King Joffrey.  Tune in this Sunday night for the follow-up episode. Even though it is Easter there will still be a new episode.

Commentary by Heather Tillman