Game of Thrones Fashions Hit Runway

Game of ThronesThe Game of Thrones’, not normally known for being a fashion muse, has recently hit the runway. According to Elle, Zana Bayne matched Game of Thrones’ looks to runway fashions; creating a Tumblr for it. The Tumblr, GoT Runway, compares the show’s heroic costuming to notable moments on the catwalk.

The comparisons are uncanny. Refinery 29 says Meera Reed’s jacket resembles like Haider Ackermann’s fall 2008 collection. Joffrey Baratheon’s guilded jacket is very similar to Jean Paul Gaultier’s 2007 couture collection. The designer with the most similar fashions is Rick Owens. Apparently Baynes does an excellent job of proving that avant-design and Game of Thrones are well acquainted. She was purportedly in the middle of a creative block so the GoTRunway  was a great excuse to do designer research and become re-inspired.

It was apparently her boyfriend Todd Pendu who got her excited about Game of Thrones and the two of them would comment on how the costumes were so McQueen or Rick Owens, etc. From there, the creative juices started flowing and Game of Thrones’ Fashions hit the runway.

GOT has a tremendous variety of fashion to choose from. There are the obviously beautiful dresses and tunics from the court, then there are Daenerys’ dresses and even Ygritte’s fur-lady fashions. With so much to choose from, it is no surprise there are so many pieces on the catwalk.

Unfortunately, like many fashion designs some wouldn’t make it past the runways as they are just too gaudy. One such dress has grey round circle flaps that are meant to resemble armor plates. Another has black crow feather shoulder pads on the outside. The worst is one with armor under a red dress, meant to resemble something Cersei wore. One can’t help but wonder what the model’s think when they have to wear such monstrosities.

Amongst the most impressive are the fashions modeled after Daenerys who wears frocks draped about her perfect body. The dresses made with her in mind, are appealing and truly gorgeous. One could even get away with wearing them in the real world. One of Bayne’s Favorites is also one of Khaleesi’s gowns. It is a white halter style gown, which she links to Givenchy’s spring 2012 couture collection.

Game of Thrones costume designer, Michele Clapton reveals in an interview with Vanity Fair that her experience with modern design is what influenced the world of Westeros. She says she looks to contemporary fashion and art. Margaery Tyrell (Natalie Dormer), set to marry the sadistic King Joffrey, has become the most notably fashionable character in GOT. Apparently the designer spent a very long time designing her wedding gown for the nuptials set to occur this coming season.

Perhaps fashion trends within the general public will start to take on these avant-design fashions. It would be lovely to see the fashions from Game of Thrones walk off the runway. It’s likely one will see women wearing Khalessi, Cersei or Margaery inspired fashions at the next major event. With these trends hitting the runway, this is not too far fetched. Will women and men start looking to the hair fashions of these stars next? Time will tell, but one thing is for certain, Game of Thrones is not just any fly-by-night series, it has made a lasting impression on North American culture.

Opinion By: Nicole Drawc


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