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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones season four will premiere on HBO on Sunday, before then lets look back at the top three moments of the show so far. David Benioff and D.B Weiss created Game of Thrones after the novel series by George R.R Martin, who is also a producer on the hit HBO series. The show was released back in 2011 to critical acclaim, since then viewership numbers have risen higher and higher each season. The way the show is produced has put TV shows in the same caliber of Hollywood feature films. The show shoots on location, the sets are massive and the special effects used rival that of most features out today. That combined with a spectacular cast and brilliant writing makes Game of Thrones a force to be reckoned with.

3.) “Blackwater” – Season 2

Game of ThronesConfident of certain victory, Stannis sends his fleet and army to King’s Landing and the battle to claim the city is on the move. The Lannisters are in fear as the army coming towards them greatly outnumbers those inside the city walls. While Cersei hides with her children, and King Joffrey cowardly runs from battle, it is up to the smallest yet smartest of the Lannisters, Tyrion to defend home and family. Luckily he came prepared and formulated a strategy that wiped out a good chunk of Stannis’s fleet, but it did not stop Stannis. As the fleet and army finally reach the shores of the city, both armies are forced to clash in what ends up being a bloody and violent battle. Tyrion bravely fights with the Kings men as the King himself hides from battle, he ensues hope in the men and they defend the city walls for as long as they can. But Stannis’s army is too big, and Tyrion and his men are getting slaughtered, at one point Tyrion is betrayed by one of his own and badly injured. Just as Tyrion falls and is about to die, help comes from his father’s men as they have arrived last-minute to finish off the battle. This episode is memorable for its grand scale effects, the moment the fleets blows up in the water and the flames grow a shining green takes viewers to a whole new class of TV show action. Setting the bar high for any future battles to come.

2.) “Baelor” – Season 1

Game of ThronesGame of Thrones top three moments could easily just be the whole show, but to stay within topic we will call this the second craziest moment of the show so far. In this episode the naive and at times ignorant Sansa asks King Joffrey to spare her father Ned Stark from death. As King Joffrey makes her beg on her knees, he agrees to let her father live if he admits he is a traitor and that Joffrey is the rightful King. Sansa sees her father to beg him to do so, Ned at first refuses but changes his mind for the safety of his children. As Ned Stark is taken out in front of a crowd to plead his guilt and forgiveness to the King, one of the biggest surprises of TV history occurred. After claiming to be a liar and a traitor for the sake of his children, King Joffrey boldly orders him to be beheaded right then and there. A shock to even his own mother, Ned’s head rolls away and both of his daughters are forced to watch without being able to stop it. The episode is memorable because at this point Ned Stark is the main character of the series, and to kill him off so soon was a huge risk to keep fans watching, a risk that has paid off well.

3.) “The Rains of Castamere” – Season 3

Game of ThronesIn what is considered the biggest shock in TV history, this season three episode of Game of Thrones changed the rules of TV all together. Robb Stark is winning the war so far, but he will need the help of Walder Frey, the man who he gave an oath to marry one of his daughters. An oath Robb broke when he fell in love with Talisa and married her, to try to settle the broken oath and form the much-needed alliance Robb’s uncle is married off to one of Walder’s daughters. Robb, his wife, and mother attend the wedding while his army sleeps just outside. Everything seems to be going well as the new bride and groom are merrily hauled off to celebrate their vows. Now as Robb, his wife and mother wait in the large hall of Walder, the biggest shock in TV history occurs. Usually the rule is if more than one main character is on-screen at the same time, the viewer knows that no matter what they will be safe. The main characters of the show cannot just be killed off again after all. Wrong, at least with this show, viewers now know that no one is safe in the realm of Game of Thrones. Walder betrays the Starks, as the Lannisters have paid him off to kill Robb and end his rebellion. Walder does so and much more as first Talisa is violently stabbed in what seems like a million thrusts into her abdomen, while pregnant nonetheless. Robb is shot with arrows and fatally stabbed as his mother watches in agony pleading for her son’s life, her throat is then slit open letting an ooze of blood flow hauntingly out of her. All viewers left with their mouths wide open not believing what they have just witnessed, in Game of Thrones top three moments, this is without a doubt number one. We will have to wait and see what bloody anguish is in stores for us on Sunday with the premiere of season four, as they say in the realm, ‘all men must die’, valar morghulis.

Opinion by: Miguel A. Tamayo





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