Green Bay Packers Opponents for 2014 Schedule

PackersThe schedule for the Packers has come out for the next season. There are the familiar teams within the division, and there are a couple of teams the Packers have not seen for a while. The opponents for the 2014 schedule will be challenging for the Green Bay Packers, and is the path for them to the playoffs.

Starting at the division play, Bears, Lions and Vikings, the Packers will play each team twice in the season, once at home and once in their opponents’ territory. The challenge for the Packers will be to not underestimate the division teams. Generally, no matter how good the team, the fight between the North Division is hard fought. There is no givens in the division no matter how the team plays in other games.

The Vikings are a team that the Packers should be able to sweep this year. They are still struggling with a quarterback and rely mostly on their running back for their offense. They generally have a tough defense, but with no offense they are not much of a threat.

The Lions are masterful at finding a way to lose. They were a shoe-in for the playoffs last year and somehow found themselves unable Packers to get in, at the end of the season.

The Bears pose the biggest threat in the division. They always have a tough defense and with their receivers, they have an offense that is hard to stop.

The prediction for the Packers divisional win-loss ratio is 5-1 depending on the Lions offensive play. The Packers will more than likely sweep the Vikings and the Lions with their only loss in the division to the Bears in Soldier Field.

The Green Bay Packers opponents, outside of the division for the 2014 schedule, is a little more difficult. There are some teams that should be easy wins but in football there is no such thing. The list of games that should fall into the win column for the Packers, are at home games against the Panthers, Jets and the Falcons. The Falcons are the only team in that list that could be a problem for the Packers.

The Patriots and the Eagles also will play at Lambeau field this coming season, which can pose as a problem for the Packers. The Patriots are just a tough team who knows how to win. If the Packers keep pace and don’t make any real mistakes, they have a chance against the Patriots. The Eagles are a tough team that comes into games looking to battle. The Packers, depending on how healthy they are, should have a win at home against the Eagles, but it is a game to watch.

The away teams that the Packers should run over are the Bills, Bucs and the Dolphins. The Dolphins may pose a problem depending on their pickups in the off season. They have been building a team around their defense but have not yet found an offense that is reliable.

PackersThe two teams to watch on away games are the Saints and Seahawks. The Saints are a dynamic offense and can go up, and down the field with Aaron Rodgers very easily. That should be the game to watch this season, a complete shoot out. The Seahawks, on the other hand, are not the shoot-out type of team, but are an Achilles heel for the Packers. Ever since the call made in 2011 season, when the real refs were on strike, the Packers have had problems with the Seahawks. Who can forget that call, no way that was a catch, no way. It doesn’t matter anymore, but since then the Seahawks have dominated the Packers.

The schedule for the 2014 season looks good for the Green Bay Packers and favors them against the opponents they will face. The prediction is the Packers will go 11-5 for the season. Depending on their off season pick-ups and drafts, they could end up 13-3 in the season. It is important for the Packers to beef up their offensive line, add some speed to their receiving core, and get some outside help on their defense. If they accomplish that, they have a clear path to the playoffs and a possible run to be the Super Bowl champs again.

Commentary by Jabar Morarend

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