Gwyneth Paltrow Was Victim of Affair?

Gwyneth PaltrowAccording to US reports, Gwyneth Paltrow was the victim of an affair. A source close to soon-to-be ex-husband Chris Martin stated that he was seen flirting with an assistant for Saturday Night Live, so he must have been having an affair with her.

In 2011, he was seen backstage with the Saturday Night Live unnamed assistant, but there are no reports of anyone seeing him actually doing anything that would constitute an affair. Flirting is considered questionable, but it does not necessarily mean that the Coldplay singer took it a step further.

Martin and his representatives deny the allegations. Paltrow’s reps barely commented, stating that they were not her husband’s reps.

This was not the first woman the Coldplay front man has been linked to. In 2009, there were rumors that he was having an affair with Kate Bosworth. Just last year, he was reportedly with Alexa Chung, a TV host in Britain, while at the Glastonbury Festival. His spokesman denies all these allegations too.

It is worth pointing out that Perez Hilton believes the two had an open relationship. This would suggest that they knew and allowed the dating of other people. Of course, that would still not look so great when in the public eye and they would not want their affairs published all across international news considering they have two young children.

The question is whether Platrow possibly being the victim of affairs was the reason for her “conscious uncoupling.”

According to other reports, the Iron Man actress was also guilty of affairs. She has been linked with various men, including Donovan Leitch and Jeff Soffer, during her marriage. If these rumors are true, it would suggest that there was an open relationship or some understanding that it was just no working out. It would also suggest that the divorce was the best way for the two to go. However, the men involved in Paltrow’s rumors all deny the allegations.

Affairs are not likely the only reason the two split. They stated that they had been in therapy, both couples and individual, over the last year to 18 months. Both the celebrities had tried to make it work, but they found that they were better off alone.

There is no animosity between them, which would suggest that affairs are not the reason. Most couples where there is a fault will constantly fight to try to get something they believe is theirs. Paltrow and Martin are working together to make sure their children are put first. That could also suggest that there was some understanding of an open relationship if any of the allegations are true.

The two are very private about their personal lives, and they always have been. Apart from officially stating that their marriage has come to an end, they are not sharing the full reasons why or whether either one is at fault. They just want the best for their children, and are being extremely mature about the whole situation. It seems that it does not matter if Paltrow was the victim of an affair, or even the one doing the cheating.

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  1. fatal   April 7, 2014 at 1:33 pm

    well no one would really blame him-she has to be a psycho to live with -especially the way she uses her kids to somehow validate or prove that all her freaky health practices are as good for you as she thinks they are-ya know he could never be right in his own house plus how she liked decided she was all rock and roll and a musician after they got together and she did a sluttyy photo session for what Glamour?? some dim sh-tt “fashion” mag rubbing up on guitars and such-then she started doing that faggg fest glee-she annoys me in like less than a minute-he made it couple of years he should be commended

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