Is Tori Spelling Hospitalization a Cry for Help?


Reality show personality and actress Tori Spelling is at home resting after reportedly being hospitalized for the past six days. The star of the reality show The True Tori has been the subject of tabloid fodder following the discovery that her husband, actor Dean McDermott, has been involved in an extra-marital affair.  Many wonder if this latest news about Spelling’s hospitalization is a cry for help from an actress caving under the intense pressure of trying to keep her picture-perfect family intact while documenting her problems for a reality show.

According to reports, McDermott is very concerned for his wife’s well-being and stayed by Spelling’s side during her extended stay in the hospital. It has been discovered that the 47-year-old Canadian actor has been involved with a 28-year-old actress identified as Emily Goodhand, who he encountered on a trip to Toronto back in December 2013. With his marriage on the line, McDermott is said to be in rehab for what is being described as a ravenous sex addiction.

Former Beverly Hills 90210 star Spelling is now a mother of four children under the age of eight, and has been playing out the reality of her troubled life before the cameras for some time now. The True Tori is just the latest unscripted series the actress has signed up for which involve her 47-year-old philandering husband. Spelling and McDermott wed in 2006 and met when each were married to other people at the time.  Spelling says she never thought the issue of infidelity would ever enter their relationship. The salvaging of their marriage is being played out on television and many question why this couple would choose to air such a private and unflattering scenario for the TV cameras.

For years now, Spelling has been working very hard to sustain a life for herself that had been at one time a life of great privilege and wealth. The daughter of legendary television mogul Aaron Spelling, Spelling found herself for years in a very public battle with her mother, Candy Spelling, following her father’s death in 2006. Candy Spelling had inherited the bulk of her late husband’s estate, valued at approximately $500 million, leaving the television titan’s only daughter with just a paltry fraction of cash and stock. Tori Spelling had confessed to being cash-strapped and had taken on endeavors like writing books and reality television in an effort to make ends meet.

While trying to help herself and her family, Tori Spelling has been noticeably buckling under the pressure. As the true reason for her hospitalized stay has not been disclosed, her very noticeable weight loss and her tearful emotional breakdown as aired on a recent episode of The True Tori have left those closest to Tori Spelling wondering about her capacity to withstand such public scrutiny and humiliation on TV during such a vulnerable and personal time. As the actress continues to make headlines, the cameras will continue to roll and viewers will continue to watch. Meanwhile, Tori Spelling may be crying for help but the real questions are, “Is anybody really listening? Is reality TV helping or hurting?”

By Hal Banfield


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