Jennifer Lawrence Flips the Bird to the Pap While in a Cab With Her Fiance?

Jennifer Lawrence

J. Law’s tenacity never ceases to amaze. The girl has proven she has got gumption and a fierce tongue, often shockingly observed via her honest, cut-throat wit. She is not afraid to put anyone in their place, no matter the ramifications. On top of her astonishing acting ability and impeccable style, she has turned into a star shining her own kind of light, and sometimes that light looks like a merciless middle finger. During a recent cab ride with her boyfriend and X-men costar, British actor Nicholas Hoult, the Oscar-winning actress flipped off the paparazzi while they flashed cameras at the couple through the back window of a pink, London taxi cab. Guess who gives a flying flip? This girl. That is why Jennifer Lawrence gets this month’s, “You go girl!”

The pair has been spending a fair amount of time in London recently and multiple outings has had the star aggravatingly running into flash bulbs head first. Last week Thursday, a photo of the couple walking about the streets surfaced with Lawrence doing her best to shield her face from the cameras behind the hood of her sweatshirt. The British paparazzi is notorious for being exceptionally aggressive, and Lawrence, apparently, has decided to fight back. There is also video footage shot of the couple exiting the place where they were staying and bee-lining it for a waiting car. The ten-second clip has an endless amount of flashes, and again Jenn hangs her head, hiding it inside her sweatshirt, wandering aimlessly as crossing the street, seemingly disoriented by the lights and the unwanted attention.

J. Law looks none to pleased in any of the material captured by the bullying antagonists. Despite the relentless attention, perhaps part of her ire is due to the emerging rumors that her and her longtime love interest, Hoult, have become engaged. The source of the suspicion stems from a newly adorned turquoise ring Miss Lawrence has recently started wearing on her engagement finger, a ring that can be clearly seen in the photograph of her and her bird. Although there has been no official statement, rumors are flying that it is a matrimonial sign. In the photograph of Lawrence flipping off the photographers, Hoult’s hand seems to be gently persuading his lady to lower her hand out of view. Is that because he does not want her to be so miffed, or because he is trying to keep the ring out of the media circus?

According to an unidentified source, the heart-shaped turquoise ring is simply a piece of costume jewelry that the actress has a fondness for and only fits on that particular finger. Despite the gossip and documented sitings of Lawrence and the ring gallivanting around London, it sounds like the piece of jewelry may just be another way Lawrence chooses to express herself. However, engaged or not, it may be time to leave Jennifer Lawrence alone for a minute. Let the girl take a cab ride with her honey without having to have the eyes in the back of her head blinded by paparazzi flash bulbs, or the middle finger salute may continue to happen more frequently.

Opinion by Stacy Feder

International Business Insider
Daily News

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