Jerry Jones Proud of Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones

The Dallas Cowboys have been marketed very well since the purchase of the team by proud owner Jerry Jones. Under the moniker “America’s Team”, the Cowboys saw a lot of success in the early 90s. With an eye for talent, Jones as the acting general manager for the team has done a terrific job in terms of detecting and signing talented players from Emmitt Smith to undrafted Tony Romo. Although the same can be said about coaching to some extent, his my way or the highway attitude has ran off many legendary coaches. Front office decisions and coach firings have also plagued the Cowboys owner and may contribute to the lackluster performance in recent years. The Cowboys have finished the last three seasons 8-8.

With a big hole on defense needing to be filled, Jerry Jones as acting general manager will be looking forward to the NFL draft on May 8th. While rumors circulate around the league and media, which is pretty common this time of year, Jones have created a few stirs with his statement early in the week. The Cowboys owner states his confidence for the offense due to drafting skill position players like tight end Gavin Escobar and wide reciever Dwayne Harris. Jones continues by emphasizing his need for players with play making abilities. Whether its going to be in the draft or in free agency, it is obvious since the firing of highly exceptional defensive coach Rob Ryan that defense will be the teams focus this off season.

Jerry Jones may not have reached the results of the Dallas Cowboys in the standings he expected, but the owner proudly expressed his joy for his team in the ratings. Jones spoke to the Dallas Morning News and said that although the Cowboys have not been to the playoffs for several years, the team still leads the league in viewership. Jerry explains that the reason for the success in the ratings is due to the excitement the team creates that draws in their viewers.

Jerry Jones has not always been known as an approachable or negotiable person. From the highly unpopular firing of coaching legend Tom Landry to Jimmy Johnson walking away from the team after winning his second Super Bowl, Jones has always been a my way or the highway type of guy.  Contrary to popular media beliefs, the Cowboys owner does have a talent for players and scouting. While many do believe one person can not be a general managers and an owner, the discovery of undrafted players such as Pro Bowlers Tony Romo and Miles Austin to late round gems such as third round Pro Bowler Jason Witten has proven otherwise to that notion.

While the Dallas Cowboys has not seen the Superbowl in over two decades, they still continue to flood the news waves, positive or negative. The lingering championship aura of the 90’s dynasty still follows the team even to today. Jerry Jones may not be the most friendliest owner or cooperative with coaches he probably should be cooperative with, but when it comes to his Dallas Cowboys on the field, he is proud and will not hesitate to let you know it.

Commentary by Hector Carrion

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