Jesus or Kanye West, the Savior?

jesusIs Jesus or Kanye West the savior? Kanye West hangs on a cross in sneakers in a recent street artist’s mural spotted in L.A. On the weekend the world celebrates Easter, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, one wonders what the meaning was intended to be? According to Hot New Hip Kanye’s recent album Yeezus, his break out single Jesus Walks and the 2006 Rolling Stone article The Passion of Kanye West all hint at the utter conceit of this singer.

There lies a paradox within this latest move. Does the world worship entertainment figures like Kanye West over Jesus Christ and other religious figures such as Budda or does the popularity of an album named after Jesus Christ point to a deep religious following in the US?

On the one hand there is the disturbing trend toward the worship of celebrities and the desire to escape one’s own reality to experience those of the stars. Is it a fascination with story and fame that entices the world toward the lives of those more interesting than themselves? Western society is obsessed with story and drama. The more dramatic the TV program the better. HBO’s Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and True Detective are recent examples of dramatic stories that entice the audience with their gripping, action packed plots. The increasingly unbelievable “reality” TV programs that put incredulous behavior on a pedestal are more evidence of this thirst for drama.

It is not religious stories that make the front page but rather who Kanye West has decided to feud with next. So is Jesus or Kanye West the savior? It appears that the more dramatic the better; nakedness, sexual appeal and inappropriate behavior are devoured by avid entertainment buffs. This is all reminiscent  of the days of Spartacus when public nudity, violence and drama in the ring of the gladiator were lauded and encouraged. Is the world returning to an era of loose morals and needless violence? Or is there more to the question?

The popularity and general acceptance of Kanye West’s Jesus Walks proves that US culture is not as atheist as many music producers believe. The world is ready and accepting of Christian values in their music but would they go so far as to buy Christian music without being Christian? It is interesting to note that popular Christian bands such as Jars of Clay and Switchfoot have some of their music on the radio. It follows that there are fans of Christian music that aren’t religious themselves. So why the acceptance of such music?

Western society still has roots in Christianity and there are many followers of Christ in the population. Not only are there many who attend church, there are many who believe but do not attend Church and there are many that are agnostic or have no beliefs but are not opposed to Christianity per say. So Jesus is the savior of many but there are those that worship the stars in their obsession with entertainment figures such as Kim Kardashian or Kanye West. They worship these stars in all that they do, including their personal religious beliefs. Regardless of the truth, the question remains; is the world headed in down a dramatic, explicit and inappropriate path? If so, should it be stopped?

Opinion by: Nicole Drawc


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