Julius Malema Adamant About South African Land Distribution

Julius Malema

Julius Malema is a busy man ahead of the South African elections just a month away and remains adamant about his manifesto on land distribution. While campaigning he continually promises the masses that land distribution will be a top priority.

After all his troubles with a possible sequestration hearing and the South African Revenue Services (SARS) demanding more than ZAR16 million from Julius Malema, he continues to forge ahead with his election manifesto. Julius Malema is busy visiting different provinces, setting up campaign meetings, speaking at stadiums, and pulling in voters from all corners of South Africa.

Julius Malema addressed a rally in East London over the weekend and told the enthusiastic crowd that white people should return the land back to the black people in a peaceful manner. He went on to say that nobody must test their patience or push his political party the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) too far. He also called for improvements to the education system.

The theme Malema and his EFF party project is that they are the only organization who care for orphans and poor people. According to Malema, the EFF is the only party with the ability to look after the neglected masses of South Africa. Malema admits that his party does not have massive financial resources and depends on donations. He said with unlimited sources he would ensure the people all had red T-shirts and berets and paint the entire campus red.

The EFF campaigning organizers procured the use of a helicopter for Malema to move from one rally to the next. Although publically stating that there were little resources within the party, the EFF had sufficient funds to pay for the hiring of a helicopter. A true indulgence and Malema would no doubt argue that time was of the essence therefore the helicopter expenses would be justified.

Malema was still mesmerizing the crowds with his promises of a better South Africa and land for all, when the helicopter touched ground and ready to fly him into the skies and attend the next rally. Malema continued to talk amidst the clamor and later apologized for noise. His schedule was a busy one with various events and rallies planned for the weekend.

At one of his many meetings, Julius Malema urged the students at the University of Venda to use their vote wisely and advocate change thereby ensuring job creation. Malema did not have any kind words for the mining companies in the Vhembe regions and criticized the industry for not employing young people. Again, Malema touched on the issue of nationalizing mines, which would be able to offer the young free education. Malema said the young graduates amassing educational qualifications remained unemployed, and that this was wrong.

He raised concerns over the South African economy falling into the second position, with Nigeria taking the lead as the African Continent’s number one leader. He said since 1994, under both the Mandela and Mbeki leadership South Africa remained the strongest economic leader of the African Continent. He urged voters to consider the weak economic policies of the current government and to use their vote in the upcoming election to restore the economic sustainability of South Africa.

Julius Malema continues to move across the country in an effort to obtain sufficient votes in the upcoming democratic elections to be held in May this year. Malema holds fast to his radical land distribution plan and remains adamant that the poor and neglected people will have their property returned to them.

By Laura Oneale


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