Kaley Cuoco Admits Breaking Up With ‘Big Bang’ Co-Star Was Awkward

Kaley CuocoBreaking up with co-workers causes awkward moments for former couples, and Kaley Cuoco admits that was the case with her Big Bang Theory co-star, Johnny Galecki. The two play on-screen love interests, and had a secret fling for two years while filming the show.

The actress, who plays actress-wannabe Penny on the show, admitted in 2010 that she and Galecki were once and item. It was a very private relationship; to the point where they never went out together. The only times they were photographed together were when they were attended events professionally together. They could play that off as being friends from the same TV show. According to Cuoco, they did not want to do any damage to their hit show, so decided that they would remain silent about their loving relationship.

It took longer for Galecki, who plays Leonard, to speak out about his relationship. He chose to speak out about it just last year, but mainly to say that he was not hurt too much by the end of the relationship. He and his on-screen girlfriend were still very good friends. Not only is he very private about his life, but he did not want fans to become distracted over the relationship happening on-screen. There was a dynamic there that people could lose if they realized that the people playing the characters were involved.

The two started dating around the same time that their characters started dating, and they remained together for two years. When they broke up, Cuoco admits that it was hard, and there were awkward moments with her Big Bang co-star. However, they have now worked it out and are happily back to being friends. Galecki was even at her recent wedding to tennis pro Ryan Sweeting, which took place on New Year’s Eve.

38-year-old Galecki has also moved on from the relationship. He is now dating Pan Am actress Kelli Garner.

Shortly after the relationship ended, the 27-year-old actress made it clear that she was not going to date actors anymore. However, that did not last too long. She was spotted last year on the arm of Superman star, Henry Cavill. The two were only together for 10 days though, and it led to many believe it was all a publicity stunt. Shortly after the relationship, Cuoco explained that she had paparazzi following her everywhere, which was something that had never happened before.

She is now happy with her new husband, Sweeting. She only met her husband six months before they were married, and three months before they got engaged. At the time of meeting him, she was not looking for a boyfriend. It was her friends who pushed her to meet him, and she now has no regrets believing that he is “the one.”

The fact that the two Big Bang stars have remained friends has meant that the dynamic between Penny and Leonard has been able to remain. Cuoco has admitted that there were awkward moments with her Big Bang co-star after they broke up, but that is natural for any relationship.

By Alexandria Ingham



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