Kaley Cuoco Blames Superman for Paparazzi Problems

Kaley Cuoco

Kaley Cuoco is known for playing the adorable, somewhat ditzy Penny on The Big Bang Theory and most recently, for her quick marriage to Ryan Sweeting. In a new interview with Cosmo, Kaley Cuoco opens up about dating Superman and how that quick relationship caused all of her current paparazzi problems. Cuoco explains that she has been in the industry for over 20 years and she had never experienced any problems before dating Superman, Henry Cavill.

Some people thought that Cuoco and Cavill were dating only for publicity, since she was never photographed out and about in Los Angeles before. Suddenly, pictures of the two doing domestic things, like shopping at Whole Foods, began popping up in the tabloids.  The pair only dated for ten days in June and July of 2013 before breaking up, so speculation grew that they were set up for publicity by their publicists.  Cuoco says that the attention was intense and she could not go anywhere after that without being followed.

Shortly after Cuoco and Cavil broke up, she started dating professional tennis player Ryan Sweeting. Cuoco went on Ellen and admitted that she was not looking to date again, but her friends insisted that she meet Sweeting. Cuoco said that the two hit it off so well on their date that Sweeting never went home after. The pair got engaged only three months later and were married on New Years Eve 2013. The wedding was full of friends and family and turned out exactly as Cuoco imagined. She said that she felt like a rock star and she considers it the greatest wedding of all time.

Now Kaley Cuoco and husband Ryan Sweeting are a regular feature in the tabloids, and Cuoco still blames dating Superman as the reason for her paparazzi problems. Her new husband is still not used to all the attention they receive. He was recently scrutinized at a basketball game for not smiling enough, and headlines ran that he was regretting marring Cuoco.  The extra attention does bother Cuoco and she admits that she does get her feelings hurt. She confesses that she sometimes feels she cannot do anything right.

Dating Superman might have started Kaley Cuoco’s problems with the paparazzi, but her life choices are what’s keeping people interested. It was recently revealed that she managed to keep the secret that she dated her co-star on The Big Bang Theory, Johnny Galecki for two years. Galecki was also attended her wedding to Sweeting. Cuoco asserts that although it was awkward at first, but the two have managed to move on and stay best buddies. She says that Galecki was on the front row with a huge smile on his face during the wedding. No one doubts that Cuoco and Sweeting are in love, but because they were married so fast, there is no doubt that the paparazzi will continue to be a constant presence. People love to place bets on if a celebrity couple will make it long term, and Cuoco and Sweeting are no exception.

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