Kim Kardashian Superstar

kardashianIt is very easy to agree with people who dislike Kim Kardashian. She made that sex tape, she dated that guy and she may have had plastic surgery. Everyone questions why Kim Kardashian is a ‚Äúsuperstar.” No one bothers to dive deep into the hard work she does to keep herself significant.

It was the sex tape that the reality star made that brought her into the limelight. She was not the first to record an intimate video with someone with whom they were romantically involved. Kardashian is not the only person to have that intimate video released to the public. If you look online, there are websites dedicated to personal, intimate video recordings. It is difficult to believe that a video recording can boost someone into fame and keep them afloat for as long as Kardashian has been famous. There is more to her story and people choose to overlook it.

In the same year that the tape was released, the E! television network asked Kardashian and the rest of her family to star in their own reality show. Keeping Up with the Kardashians became the most successful reality show of all time. The show is still currently airing.

The huge popularity of the show brought people to throw their arms into the air and wonder why people were watching. The truth lies in the fact that the family is always doing something. The Kardashians are not a family to sit around and watch TV. Although this had led to a lot of episodes containing famous people being famous, it has kept audiences glued to their couches. Would anyone watch a show featuring a family sitting around doing nothing?

Kardashian is beautiful. When something or someone looks too good, we are programmed to find the imperfections or believe that it was fabricated. Rumors of Kardashian having plastic surgery and having injections of this and that have been around since everyone caught a glimpse of her figure. If Kardashian were any less attractive, would everyone still watch her show or look at the pictures posted of her online? It is amusing that Kardashian is able to use the line “Everyone hates me because I am beautiful.”

On her way to becoming a superstar, Kim Kardashian could have followed in the steps of other social celebrities and just kept on partying. Kardashian could have rode on the fame that her video tape created and just created buzz from time to time to keep herself in the headlines. Kardashian went another route and actually worked. Working to make a TV show about oneself takes dedication. Whether you believe the show is 100 percent genuine or whether you believe the show is completely scripted, it takes a huge effort to keep it entertaining.

People want to believe that Kardashian sits around and collects money from the video that was released. The truth is that Kardashian keeps herself busy. She has designed international clothing lines. She has opened up three fashion boutiques with her sisters. She has released five fragrances worldwide. She has acted on television as well as feature films. She even released a music single. That is a hefty resume for someone who people believe has not earned her fame and fortune.

Whether you choose to enjoy the product that is Kim Kardashian or not, the truth remains that she is a new kind of celebrity. She is the creation of our curiosity. Kardashian cannot create the passion people have for her. It is the views on the gossip magazines and websites that keep others talking. It is the viewership of her reality show that keeps her on television. She is simply working the buzz to her benefit. If there is any reason to discredit her fame, the blame rests on the shoulders of the interested.

Put away the pitchforks for a moment and forget how it all started. Think about why it has lasted.  Kardashian is a hard worker and a business owner. The reality star is an international clothes designer and an actress. Most of all, Kim Kardashian is the new mold of a complete superstar.

Opinion by Raul Hernandez