Kirsten Dunst Believes Women Should Go Back to the Kitchen

Kirsten DunstKirsten Dunst believes that women should go back to being in the kitchen and stay at home to raise children. It is a controversial topic, but she does make it clear that she does not mean all the time.

There has been a big move towards feminism in recent years, so that women around the world have equal opportunities to men. At the same time, it means men get equal opportunities to stay at home and raise their children if they want to. However, Dunst worries that it could lead to many forgetting anything their chromosomes want.

According to the Wimbledon actress, women are forgetting about the valuable things in life, like raising children. It is a topic that makes many women raise their eyebrows. Is this not taking women backwards to a time when they could not work and had to rely on their husbands and fathers? For some, she takes it a step too far when she says that everyone needs a knight in shining armor—some of the time.

She does point out that working and having a life away from the home is also important. For many women it is the ability to stand on their own two feet, and feel proud that they are spending money they have earned. Others simply have no inclination to raise families and do the housework.

So, why does Dunst believe that women should go back to the kitchen? Why go back to the way things used to be from time to time?

The aim is to help nurture relationships. Women spend so much time out of the house and working their way up the career ladder that their relationships can struggle. They become bosses outside of the house, and develop strong and independent personalities. That can lead to men feeling inferior.

While that should be something that men learn to deal with, it is understandable that some want things to go back to the way it used to be. The chromosome makeup in men makes them want to protect and provide.  They want to be the dominant ones in the relationship, and can feel put out when the women in their lives want to take over.

The Interview With a Vampire actress really wanted to make the point that there needs to be a balance. There is value in raising children and staying at home, but there is also value in going to work and earning money. Women need to find that balance, so they get the best of both worlds and develop their relationships with the men in their lives. At the same time, men need to find that balance to and accept that the world is changing towards equality for women.

The full interview happened because the star is promoting her upcoming film The Two Faces of January. The movie is based on the 1964 novel with the same name, and is set in 1962. It promotes the traditional gender roles, and could be where Dunst gained some inspiration for her beliefs that women should go back to the kitchen.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham