Kurt Cobain May Have Had Nine Lives


Kurt Cobain may have been more than just a musician with an artistic flair for the grunge-style band Nirvana. The husband of Courtney Love may have had a lot more brewing under the surface behind the voice that made its mark on the Billboard Top 100 Hits with songs such as Smells Like Teen Spirit and Come As You Are. There may be a lot to say on what Kurt Cobain had inside of that creative soul that touched so many lives while proudly showing support for the gay rights benefit No-on-Nine. For a man who could lyrically express emotions with an enormous range of ease, numerous devoted fans from around the world might decide to dedicate most of the day in paying tribute to the Nirvana lead singer in honor of when the compelling musician’s life was abruptly interrupted on April 5, 1994. Despite the fact that the brilliant front-man vocalist for Nirvana was only on this earth for 27 years, many might speculate those years as being full of struggles for the singer in a battle against depression while dodging the face of death until the singer ran out of lives.

Young Cobain was believed to have created imaginary friends with whom a fondness was developed for the company of such loyal and devoted “friends,” possibly in an attempt to alleviate feelings of isolation from the surrounding world. The singer/songwriter may have reflected this admiration and appreciation that was felt for the fictitious beings in the opening lyrics of the Nirvana song entitled Lithium: “I’m so happy ’cause today I found my friends. They’re in my head.”  Other similar songs written by Cobain may have reflected moments on inner turmoil during childhood when the Nirvana vocalist was assumed to have experienced a sense of separation from humanity. With a strong belief in the possibility of existing on earth as an alien rather than a real human being, Cobain expressed this notion in the lyrics for the song Territorial Pissings: “When I was an alien, cultures weren’t options.” Seeing as though the earlier years in the life of Cobain were already speculated to be crummy, it probably could have been at least nine times worse had the soon-to-be famous musician not decided to stay out of trouble with the law. The young Smells Like Teen Spirit vocalist was arrested at least twice in his hometown of Aberdeen, Washington: once on vandalism charges for spray painting graffiti messages on motor vehicles, and again for trespassing on the roof of an abandoned building.

On top of all the extra intense psychological activity assumed to be taking place inside the head of the Come As You Are performer, Cobain was presumed to be entirely disappointed in the reflection of the Nirvana lead singer’s body when looking into a mirror. Rumored as being extremely self-conscious about the inability to put on weight, this was said to be the reason behind why Cobain would wear more than one article of clothing to give off the appearance of having a much larger body frame than what was literally there. Reportedly suffering from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), it has been speculated that the symptoms caused by IBS is what drove the grunge artist to indulge in heroin as a way to escape from the excruciating pain. Cobain did seem to appear a bit more enthusiastic towards life in general after meeting actress/musician Courtney Love, whom eventually became the wife of the Aberdeen, Washington native. Although the sad conclusion of the love shared between Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Cobain may have only had a little over two short years, the Nirvana song Come As You Are left a mark in music history by ranking at number nine on the UK Singles Chart; the mark of a legend that lives on forever.

Opinion by Stephanie Tapley

Rolling Stone