Lady Gaga Finishes Roseland Ballroom Tribute Concerts

Lady GagaLady Gaga finished the last performance of her seven concert tribute to the Roseland Ballroom on Monday night. The historic music hall holds memories for many people, including the famous New Yorker, who admitted that she cried before taking the stage for the last time there. Her father Joe Germanotta, who has even older memories of the Roseland said “There’s a lot of memories in this place. It’s sad to see the place go. It really makes me happy that she’s the last one to perform here. She’s a New York girl.”

The poster promoting the concerts show a black-and-white photograph of the pop star in 2008, before she became enormously famous, with a quote from her. “I am Lady Gaga, a singer/songwriter. You’re going to know me one day. August 21, 2008. New York City.” The photo serves as a reminder of the star’s beginning as Stefani Germanotta, as she says goodbye to the Roseland Ballroom as Lady Gaga. It also displays her spot-on prediction, and the unwavering pride, confidence, and belief in herself. It is also a reminder of her rocket-propelled ascent to mega pop star fame.

The Roseland Ballroom was founded in 1917 and transformed several times over the years since. It was moved from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to New York City in 1919. The original New York location was torn down, and the ballroom was relocated to 52nd Street. It served as a skating rink, a place for ballroom dancing, and a disco. It has most recently been the site of many famous bands and musicians, from Madonna and Beyonce, to Nirvana and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. According to the New Yorker, it will soon be an apartment building, but not before a last dance party farewell.

The Roseland Ballroom was decked out for Lady Gaga and her tribute concerts, in roses, its overhead disco ball, a replica F train, and neon signs to finish off the New York vibe. At each concert, a close friend of the star, and fellow performer Lady Starlight, opened for her. Lady Gaga kicked off the first of her concerts on her birthday with a piano version of Born This Way. The concerts each involved an 11 set song list that included old songs like Just Dance and Poker Face, and new songs like Dope and G.U.Y.

During her concerts, she wore her sexy, showy costumes and loud wigs, in typical Gaga fashion. A Frankenstein Gaga danced around the stage as she sang Monster. The smaller, more intimate setting of the ballroom allowed Lady Gaga to really interact with her fans or “little Monsters” as she calls them. At one point she played a rose-covered keytar and blew the crowd away with a rocker performance of Bad Romance. To kick off her last show at the ballroom she said “Suddenly you wake up and you just know who the f*** you are.” She connected with the fans throughout her show, shared personal tidbits before choice songs, and had an unforgettable performance of You and I, really showcasing her vocals. Towards the end of the song she added, “I’m not leaving. This is my stage. This is my house.”

The Roseland Ballroom’s big finish, that were the tribute concerts by Lady Gaga, is a fitting way to pay homage to the iconic hall. The performance of her seven concert, super-pop dance music finale, after the Roseland Ballroom has seen multiple eras and a variety of music genres, is an appropriate farewell. Lady Gaga will continue to give her fans what they want. Her ArtRave: The Artpop Ball tour will kick off on May 4 in Florida.

Opinion by Twanna Harps


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