Lady Gaga to Shut Down the Roseland Ballroom

Lady GagaLady Gaga is in the middle of a 7 night concert series that is sold out, playing at the iconic Roseland Ballroom, which will be shut down for good, this Monday,  after her concerts are over. Concert stages and late night shows are the perfect venue for the unpredictable Lady Gaga, and showing up at The Late Show with David Letterman on Wednesday was no exception. With Letterman and the audience only expecting to see the pop icon interviewed on the show, they got so much more than that. The Roseland Ballroom was built in 1919 and the New York native had secured the venue for what will be its last public event. When her concerts are done, so is the Roseland, which will close their doors forever. So leave it to Gaga to make a statement by walking into the late night show and invite all of Letterman’s audience to the ballroom for an impromptu concert.

Rocking a large yellow wig Lady Gaga treated the audience to two performances and rocked the house, converting even some of the Lady Gaga audience members that didn’t start out as her fans. Bill Murray, who was another guest on The Late Show with David Letterman on Wednesday, also attended this mini concert and led the way giving the audience encouragement in classic Murray style with shouts of “Today, come on, let’s go, while we’re young. Come on, while we’re young. Please move it!” Murray even got to take a selfie with  the pop music icon, and it is so great to see these two superstars from two different ends of the entertainment spectrum together in one memorable picture. What a way to celebrate the history of Roseland, and one this audience will not soon forget.

So not only did fans get to see Lady Gaga perform, but they also were able to be a part of the end of the historic  Roseland Ballroom. The ballroom did not start out in the Big Apple but moved from Philidelphia in 1918 to New York to avoid laws at the time that prohibited the sale of alcohol. Originally it sat at Broadway and 51st street, where it became a star in its own right serving the music community for over 37 years. The building was demolished in 1956 and moved to 52nd street, and in 1981 ownership changed hands and the advent of the nightclub community gave this venue a new lease on life. Life was very good to the Roseland Ballroom, its owners and patrons for many years. So when it came time to shut the doors, who better to shut down the Roseland Ballroom than someone who will make it a memorable event, and that someone is Lady Gaga. Lorde has also recently performed there, and the ticket prices are crazy high, going upwards of $200 for Lorde and over $300 for all the little monster fans. David Letterman and his audience were the lucky recipients of one of the last music events that the Roseland will ever host.


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