Lindsay Lohan Makes Confession

Lindsay LohanOn Thursday, April 17, 2014, Lindsay Lohan found herself in the hot seat on a show called “Watch What Happens Live.” Andy Cohen, the host of the show, asked Lohan about her sex list that was revealed earlier in the year. Initially, Lohan would not admit or deny the list was real. Later in the show she brought the subject back up and Lindsay Lohan made a stunning confession, confirming the authenticity of the list.

Lohan made it clear that the list was part of a fifth step she was participating in during her stay at the Betty Ford rehab center. The fifth step is designed to confess the things that cause negative feelings. The tops of the list are guilt, anger, shame and resentment. The necessity of the fifth step is to release the addict of the excess weight they hold onto which can turn them back to their addiction. The fifth step classifies resentment as the number one offender for relapse in addicts. Making a list of your ex partners is clearly a personal resentment that was identified by Lohan.

Lindsay LohanLohan has been to multiple rehab facilities, all of them being placed in the public eye. It makes it hard for an addict to make a recovery when the recovery is a source of embarrassment for them. This is the problem for celebrities who have found themselves in trouble with addiction. Lindsay Lohan, by going to rehab, is confessing her addiction to the world. The media will cover and sensationalize the down falls of those who fall into this trap.

One would have to commend Lohan for coming clean for the list but is it really anyone’s business. Although Lohan is a celebrity, there has to be a line in which she is allowed some privacy. There is no doubt that when a celebrity puts themselves into the lime light it is their choice to have the scrutiny of the media. The problem is that there seems to be no discretion among them. They are more than willing to jump on the ban wagon of bashing someone who may very well be at the end of their rope.

The confession by Lindsay Lohan may have had some media foaming at the mouth. The list revealed some famous people who made it all the more attractive to them. The problem is that addiction is a personal issue that needs to be dealt with by the addict in a way that gives them their best chance at recovery. With so many involved in Lohan’s business it is hard to see her being able to utilize that chance.

Lindsay LohanThe point is that recovery is a fragile process for the average person who does not have the pressures of celebrity. It can be hard to maintain recovery for those who are completely serious. Addiction is a life and death matter and Lohan deserves the chance to live. Giving her room to work through her addiction is important and she has proven in the past that it will take a lot of work on her part. Her willingness to get honest and open up is a good sign she is on the right path. It would be a shame if it stifles her recovery because of the attention from the “sex” list.

There are a lot of addicts out there who are showing support for Lindsey Lohan, and are suggesting that her confession was for her own personal growth and should remain personal. They cite the confidentiality implied in a name like Alcoholics Anonymous as a reason to leave her alone in her recovery process.

Opinion by Jabar Morarend

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