Liverpool FC Close in on Long-Awaited Title

Liverpool FC

It was pandemonium at Anfield yesterday as Liverpool defeated Manchester City 3-2 to inch closer to their long-awaited first Premier League title. The reds have had a very prestigious history winning 18 English first division titles, but have failed to win the league since it became know as the Premiership in 1992. Their last title came in 1990 and the fans are very aware that this season could be their best chance to become champions of England once again.

The game against City yesterday was a very sloppy one with a lot of mistakes made by both clubs. The final score was 3-2, but it could have easily been 2-1 as two of Liverpool’s three goals came off of horrendous mistakes by City captain Vincent Kompany, and one of City’s two came off of an own goal by Glen Johnson. For Liverpool fans how their team ended up winning is irrelevant because for the first time since 2009 they are actually in the title hunt. It was apparent just how much this meant to fans and players alike when after every goal anyone on the pitch or in the stands wearing red became overjoyed.

Liverpool fans are some of the most loyal and passionate fans not just in European football but also in all of sports. Over the past five seasons it has been nothing but heartbreak for them as they have not contended for a title but have also been finishing out of Champions League contention. They have had incredibly mediocre finishes in the recent past like seventh in 2010 and eighth in 2012. The fans of such a historically great club deserve more and this season they are finally getting the play out of their squad that they expect.

One player who has endured both success and the recent period of little to no success is captain Steven Gerrard. He has been with Liverpool his entire career and has been one of the most consistent and professional players in all of Europe his entire career. He is currently having one of the best season of his career and that is one of the main reasons Liverpool are closing in on their a very long-awaited EPL title. It is clear the respect he has in the locker room as many of his teammates have come out in recent weeks and spoke of the importance of winning the league not just for the club but for Gerrard himself. Even fans who hate the reds have to respect this man and be happy for him if he is finally able to lift the Premier League trophy.

The road to the title is not over yet as Liverpool still have four matches to play. One enormous test still remains for the reds as they host second place Chelsea on April 27th. Chelsea won the first match in London by a score of 2-1, but both teams have improved dramatically since then and it will surely be a must watch fixture. With Liverpool only up on Chelsea by two points and both the teams having the same amount of matches left to play the April 27th fixture will be a virtual title decider. Of course for that to happen both teams need to win their other matches leading up to that. Manchester City is not completely out of it as they are seven points back of Liverpool and have six matches still to play.

This has been quite the season for Liverpool as they are closing in on a very long-awaited and much-anticipated English title. Their work is not done but fans are finally having something to celebrate, as they are in first this late in the season. If they do win their first title since 1990 the city of Liverpool will explode with excitement, and rightly so.

Commentary By Max Petkevicius


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