Miley Cyrus Posts in Throwback Thursday

miley cyrusThursday has become something of a phenomenon on Twitter and Facebook, and even Miley Cyrus is getting in on the fun with her posts. Her video that was posted to Twitter on Thursday, along with many other pictures getting posted by other major celebrities. Facebook has long been the place where friends post pictures of themselves from back in the day. It is fun to look back and it is fun for friends to see what people looked like before they met them.

Some of the most popular images on the social media site have been pictures from the 80’s. Photos with the iconic hairstyles of that era, let it be known exactly when that picture was taken. This week, #throwbackthursday is the biggest one yet, and has found a home on Twitter where the stars are coming out with real and/or funny pictures. It is trending high on the social media giant and shows no sign of slowing down.



jimmy kimmelTBT

Some of the tweets include (pictures left to right) Jimmy Kimmel, with an adorable throw back picture of him with his cousins, Ellen DeGeneres in her own style did a funny photo-shopped throw back picture, and Wes Craven took us back to an iconic movie moment…and the tweets just get better from there.

One of the best, is the post that Miley Cyrus did for Throwback Thursday, which is a video she posted, showing her as many remember her, looking much more like Hannah Montana, than the present day pop star. She has had her ups and downs this past year, but this post shows her fans, she has not forgotten where she came from. She knows her fans have made her career and sharing this, is almost a tribute to the face that launched one of the most successful career changes in recent years. Her fan base started here, with this look, and has followed her sometimes controversial journey to superstardom.


Millions are posting everything from pictures of themselves to old pictures of their favorite moments or movies or even musicians. Eminem is a favorite of fans, posting pictures of him from years ago. Current movies are also a hit on throw back Thursday, with the release of Spider Man and Godzilla, pictures of the originals have been popping up this Thursday on Twitter.

Cyrus however, is always one of the favorites, within one hour of the posting of her video it was re-tweeted over a hundred times, and favored more than that. The Wrestlemania fans are also out in the thousands on this walk down memory lane, with everything from old pictures to old posters from the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). It is one thing that the world has in common.

There is a history there that is unique to each individual, and sharing gives pleasure and brings back memories. It shows that stars, musicians, actors and their fans are all tied together by the love of history. When everyone is discussing what Miley Cyrus is wearing or saying, she is being uniquely herself by posting an original and engaging Throwback Thursday video, letting her fans see her softer side. Check it out on #throwbackthursday, and see more pictures like the one below, set to music.

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