Milwaukee Leads MLB: Brewers Beat

Brewers BeatThe Milwaukee Brewers are leading the MLB with 16 wins and six losses. In the midst of controversy over the Pirates game brawl, the Brewers have continued to win. The Milwaukee Brewers have jumped into the lead in the MLB standings, with the closest teams being Atlanta and Texas, both at 14 wins.

The Brewers had been handed down some suspensions two days ago for their part in the brawl against the Pirates. Carlos Gomez and Martin Maldonado both received suspensions for the incident.

Gomez, who had a major part in the incident, was given a three-game suspension for his words with Pirates pitcher Gerrit Cole. The suspension will leave the Brewers playing an outfielder in place of Gomez that may not be able to cover the ground as well as him.

BrewersMaldonado was given a five game suspension for punching Travis Snider during the brawl. Lucroy will replace Maldonado just fine. His batting average, .324 is not far behind Maldonado at .333. Lucroy has played the majority of games at the catcher position, so this should not really affect the Brewers.

The Brewers have given fans some real hope for the season. With Ryan Braun being back, the team seems to have a real motivation to take their team to the next level. After winning the series against the Pirates and the Padres, they look forward to the Cubs and Cardinals.

The Cubs will come to the Brewers home turf to feel the heat coming from the Brewers bats and play. The Cubs are in last place in the Central division in the NL. They have a 7-13 record, and are eight games back from the Brewers. The Cubs have some real work to do this season to have a chance at any playoff hopes.

The Cardinals are a different story though. The Cardinals may see that the Milwaukee Brewers are leading the MLB standings, but will bring it to the Brewers when they play. The Cardinals are 12-10 on the season so far, and are only four games back from the Brewers. They have a dynamic team that seems to find a way to win when they need to. The team is the biggest threat early in the season to the Brewers.

BrewersThe loss of Gomez and Maldonado should not affect the play of the Brewers. If anything, it may have motivated the team in its play. The brawl, to the players, is a show of dedication to the team. The team may use the suspensions to motivate them to play even harder against the coming opponents. The emotion of the team shows when incidents like the one in the Pirates game happen. Although there should never be violence in the game, the incident may have proven to the team the devotion and dedication of the players involved. No one endorses this behavior and the suspensions were fair.

With the Milwaukee Brewers leading the MLB in standings, they will have to watch their back. The Brewers will have a target on their back, with every team gunning for them. The team’s success can be attributed to the play of the pitching staff and the bats of the players. The team is playing well together and will be a force to be reckoned with this season.

Commentary by Jabar Morarend

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