NASA Goes NADA in North Korea’ Space Foray


North Korea is not best known to create perfect imitations, but NASA would soon have twin brother fighting for space supremacy from the far-east. In an early announcement from the country’s state run news agency, North Korea has unveiled the logo of its space agency, National Aerospace Development Administration, or quite simply NADA. The nation’s foray into space may have begun on a controversial note, but it has already set its sight to achieve much more, albeit with its limited resources.

The North Koreans also didn’t not stop at just creating a namesake for its space agency, it went ahead and created an official logo for NADA, which on any given day can be confused with that of NASA’s. Complete with blue circle coupled with stars and orbiting circles, the emblem unveiled earlier today cements the agency’s stand to follow NASA to the stars.nasa-nada-620

The official statement from the agency put the design into perspective, aligning the rings going around the logo to satellites’ orbiting path. The stars on logo are a representation of the Big Dipper, the most recognizable of the constellations in the sky.With the DPRK and NADA inscribed in the middle and Kukgaujugaebalkuk or NADA in Korean written at the bottom, the logo represents the soul of the space agency.

The announcement also highlighted the commitment of the agency and DPRK towards the development of its space program. The logo also, as per the press release, showcases its character, mission and prospects of future development. Yet, the logo design was used to appease the rulers of this island nation by declaring that the Big Dipper represented the glory of its leaders from the past and present who have encouraged the nation in its Space for.

The logo was unveiled as a mark of the first anniversary celebration of the space agency and a result of a massive re-branding exercise to declare the nation’s strategy to build on the successful launch of a satellite in the year 2012. Although rumours suggest that the satellite ended up malfunctioning, it still was considered a feat that could be easily be stepping stone for all future forays into space. NADA would look to learn from its failures and if reports coming from the nation are to be believed, under a great pressure to deliver results to the nation’s ruler, Kim Jong Un.

The dictator, who is known to take aggressive and at times lethal stand against failures, would keep the scientists at NADA on tenterhooks to deliver as per his wishes. The space program also gives the perfect disguise to Kim Jong Un to continue with its missile development plan against South Korea, albeit legally. What causes concern to the rest of the world is the potential threat that such missile development holds for the safety of the region, including Japan.

Ironically, NADA means nothing in Spanish and it seems the North Korean agency’s think tank spend a lot of time doing nothing before it decided to conveniently lift NASA’s design to create one of its own. If only NADA’s foray into space could be expected to reach the heights it set out to achieve, if only for the sake of its dictator Kim Jong Un to save face after an embarrassing unveiling and a failed satellite launch.

By Daris Abraham

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