NASCAR: Logano Wins at Texas

NASCAR moved the Texas race to Monday and Logano won the show. The race started with 10 caution laps to ensure the high banked track was dry and suitable for racing after the rain delay on Sunday.

After the NASCAR Sprint Cup race in Texas was delayed on Sunday, the race was wild on Monday. The day began with Dale Earnhardt puts his car into the wall. On the thirteenth lap the 88 went low to avoid traffic and found the grass causing Earnhardt to lose control and hit the wall twice. The 88 caught fire but Earnhardt was able to get out with no injuries. Debris from Earnhardt’s crash caused damage to his team mate Johnson’s window in the 48 car. Finishing last for the race, the 88 lost points in the championship run and slid to sixth overall after the day’s, race losing five positions.

Johnson found himself three laps down before his crew was able to get him back into the race. Johnson, the defending Sprint Cup champion finished twenty-fifth after problems with his windshield and a front right side tire.

Lap 214 Kurt Busch, last week’s winner spun out. Kurt Bush in the 41 car finished thirty-ninth in the race. Kurt ended up losing five positions in the championship run and found himself down to twenty-fifth overall in points.

Logano in the 22 shot out to grab the lead ahead of Keselowski of the 2 car after a caution on lap 227. Logano maintained a comfortable lead over his team mate Keselowski, by 2.2 seconds, before while closing in on the white flag. With two laps to go Kurt Busch in the 41 has a tire completely blow out. The caution flag came out before Logano could reach the white flag, just by car lengths. So that called for a green, white, checkered to finish off the race. Both Logano and Keselowski took four tires, both are on the Penske Team. Jeff Gordon in the 24 car opted to take two tires, and won the race out of the pits to take the first spot on the restart. With Vickers of the 55 and Gordon of the 24 in front of him, Kyle Busch of the 18 on his side, Logano made his move as soon as possible, which would eventually lead to him winning the NASCAR race in Texas. Keselowski was penalized for speeding on pit road. Missing his chance at becoming the season’s first two time winner, Kieslowski finished in fifteenth after his mishap on pit road.

Stewart of the 14, after taking the pole position, had led the race three times and would end up with a tenth place finish.

The new rule of the NASCAR championship chase put increased emphasis on winning. The rule means the race has to be won with a green, white, checkered flag and allows for the competition to end in a race rather than caution laps.

With the green, white, checkered flag start, Gordon took the early lead. Logano passed Gordon as they took the white flag and went on to win the race in Texas. Logano achieved his first win of the season. The results of the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at Texas Logano of the 22 wins, Gordon of the 24, Kyle Busch of the 18, Vickers of the 55, Larson of the 42, Biffle of the 16, Kenseth of the 20, Bowyer of the 15, Menard of the 27, and rounding out the top ten was Stewart of the 14.

Commentary by Jabar Morarend


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