NFL Prospects Prepare for Draft


With a variety of talents on skill positions such as quarterbacks and defensive ends, this years NFL draft is looking to be one of the most intriguing draft in years. From the smash-mouth defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, to highly-talented and highly-controversial Johnny Manziel, teams will be inspecting every talent and select the player most qualified to play for their organization. Teams are built or destroyed in the NFL draft so it is a very important time of year to not only do research on the players, but also prepare for the worst if their intended prospects are no longer available.

Johnny Manziel has been a whirlwind of controversy ever since appearing on the national spotlight. Dubbed as Johnny Football, the Texas A&M quarterback was made for not just the field, but also for the cameras. From winning the Heisman trophy his freshman year to performing his pro day with Drake doing a performance himself, the show that is Johnny Football will now be seen on the NFL and doesn’t look to be canceled anytime soon. A team with quarterback needs, like the Browns or the Jaguars, should consider taking Manziel if they can also consider the circus that comes along with the talent.

Jadeveon Clowney has been a defensive phenom since high school in South Carolina. The young pass rusher has won many awards including the famed Hendricks awards and the SEC Defensive Player of the Year. Any team would benefit from having his skills and talents on the field. While it is highly speculated that the Houston Texans will draft Clowney with the first pick, for any reason another prospect is chosen, Clowney can be expected to be taken off the board by any of the NFL teams who were originally prepared to draft another player.

Although Sammy Watkins has not been in the media as much as Clowney or Manziel, the Clemson wide receiver is still one of the most sought out offensive player in this years draft. The track star transitions his speed perfectly in the football field with the same intensity and talent. During the Orange Bowl game, Watkins dismantled the defense with 18 receptions and 227 receiving yards. Not only did Clemson won the game, but Watkins won the MVP for his record-breaking performance. He is surely a cant miss player for any team needing an offensive weapon.

The NFL draft this year looks to be filed with exceptional prospects from top to bottom with teams preparing to make their final big board. The Houston Texans can alter their future with the decision they make at Radio City Music Hall on May 8th. Manziel can not only electrify the fan base but also the offense with his playmaking ability. If the Texans draft Clowney as expected, alongside NFL pro bowl JJ Watts, the duo would bring fear to all quarterbacks in the league. Although it would be unlikely, Watkins on the opposite of pro bowl receiver Andre Johnson would give newly hired head coach Bill O’Brien more options in his offense driven playbook. This years draft will not only help shape the future of franchises, but also the careers of GM’s and coaches as well.

Commentary by Hector Carrion

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