Obamacare: Our Responsibility


As Obamacare goes into effect, some of the numbers coming in are not good news for the future of U.S. kids nine to 11 years of age. Nearly one in three have borderline or high cholesterol, according to a study conducted by the Texas Children’s Hospital that examined 12,712 children. This generation of young kids do not know that they face a terrifying scenario in which they may not have a solvent healthcare system by the time they reach their adult lives. If Obamacare is adopted, along with our responsibilities to the planet, we can ensure that the youngest generation will have a healthcare system they deserve.

The new system is geared toward efficiency, which if implemented in its intended way, will lead to a healthier nation, both physically and otherwise, and sustain itself through active participation by all. If effort is made to see the potential in the new system, one can see that it will not only solve the healthcare crisis, it can have a tremendously positive impact on the entire planet, and other major challenges humanity is facing. The challenges of imbalanced food supply, of wars to control the resources, and our unfair demands from it, of readying ourselves from the inevitable changes in earth’s climate and other natural forces over which man has no control, and the challenge of advancing humanity rather than destroying it. No one should expect a miracle to happen overnight. Most of the difficulties we face today are of our own making. However, it is not the outward challenges that are difficult to overcome. The only challenge that really matters is inside of us all, in our heads. Removing the mental block that has been created through years of conditioning, as well as fear of uncharted territory, is the biggest obstacle that needs to be overcome.

As adults, parents and educators, business entities and government institutions, it is our responsibility to lay proper groundwork. Satisfying individual egos has no place in this plan. Our actions should show that we care for each other, and for the Earth too. Children cannot be expected to change easily when we ourselves do not accept the reality. Hard work must be done bu all of us, or things will get much harder later for our children. This should be a constant reminder as we adopt healthier eating habits and lifestyle.

Every generation has had to step up to the plate and sacrifice for the good of the next. Our generation has enjoyed unprecedented gifts of freedom, technology, and a system of government that allows all individuals to pursue happiness through peaceful means, while contributing to the society as a whole. These gifts required hard labor that is perhaps unimaginable to us today, for technology has allowed access to resources and knowledge that could not have been there otherwise. It has required thousands of lives in the battlefields that shaped the world conducive for free and peaceful living. This is our generation’s moment of truth on whether we accept responsibilities, and what legacy is left behind through Obamacare. We can design a new world that is inclusive, rather than exclusive.

In the future, there may be a better solution than what President Obama has proposed. Until then, we must traverse this bumpy path resolutely, with single-minded purpose, taking individual ownership. From each individual to each household, from each household to each family, from workplace to all employees, and from each employee to all who they serve. We are given a tremendous opportunity as a generation to make these difficult tasks our responsibility, in the form of Obamacare. It is the opportunity for us to give our children a better life, just as we were given a better life by our forefathers, and continue to realize the human potential, at its best.

Opinion by Amit Singh


Big News Network


Clinical Advisor

US Dept. of Health and Human Services

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