Peaches Geldof Diet to Blame for Untimely Death?

Peaches GeldofThere are many questions surrounding the untimely death of Peaches Geldof, and one of those is whether her diet was to blame. The socialite and TV personality was known for following the juicing diet, but not in the healthiest of ways.

In 2011, she admitted that the juicing diet was the only way she had managed to lose weight successfully. She would spend a month drinking three glasses of vegetable or fruit juice a day just so that she could lose 10 pounds. Afterwards, she would go back to eating as normal and that included going “crazy for chips.”

There are pros and cons to this type of diet. According to Cath Collins from the British Diet Association, just drinking fruit juice upsets the electrolytes in the body. If severe enough, a dieter can suffer cardiac arrest.

When Geldof made the confession about her juicing diet in 2011, photos circulated of her then and now figure. The then photo came from 2007, where she looked curvy and beautiful. Four years later, she looked dangerously thin and had many people telling her to eat something. Many feared that she had turned to anorexia to shed the pounds, but she insisted that it was all healthy. The socialite explained that she had simply removed the bad stuff from her diet, but still “ate like a horse.”

Peaches GeldofThe recent untimely death of Geldof suggests that maybe her diet was not so healthy, and may have been to blame. However, these are only speculations since there is no conclusive reason for her death. Her family has released a statement to say that it is “unexplained and sudden.” There have been no drugs and no suicide note found at the scene.

Juicing diets sound appealing to many, especially those who are not fans of fruit and vegetables. There are a number of magazines that offer the get thin quick schemes that involve juicing, with some claiming people can lose five pounds in the same amount of days. However, the diet is not as healthy as it seems.

The first point to make is that juicing removes the fiber benefits from the fruit and vegetables. Fiber is needed by the digestive system. The good news is that adding some of the pulp back into the juice will add the fiber back into the system.

There are also natural sugars in fruits, which lead to extra calories. The calories are lower in vegetables, but that does not mean this diet will be healthy. The body needs a range of nutrients that come from all different types of foods. Protein is missing from the majority of juicing diets, so the muscles cannot grow and repair. The organs start to waste away, and Collins notes that this kills anorexics.

It is a sad turn of events for the 25-year-old. She often felt pressured to look thin while in the spotlight, and that likely sent her down this path to a better figure. Even if Geldof’s diet is not to blame for her untimely death, it is still something people need to be aware of when they think juicing is a quick way to lose 10 pounds.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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