Pharrell Williams Not Just Another Pretty Face

Pharrell Williams

Its been a banner year for Pharrell Williams and he has proven his worth in the music industry and that he is not just another pretty face. His accomplishments are far too numerous to name but include his Despicable Me soundtracks, and his oh so Oscar worthy hit Happy, and let’s not forget his work with Daft Punk which won him a Grammy. The hits just keep coming, as he releases GIRL, which has been flying up the charts. He is a producer as well as a performer and also a clothing designer, and has proven himself to be a worthy mentor. The Voice has taken notice of Pharrell’s banner year and he will be officially replacing CeeLo Green next season. CeeLo’s less than professional exit has now taken back seat to the excitement surrounding his replacement. As for the rest of the panel, it’s a wait and see as contracts are negotiated.

With a birthday coming up this month, Pharrell Williams would never pass for 39 and soon to be 40 years of age. With his boyish good looks, he appeals to a very diversified audience and it’s not his pretty face that just drives up his hot factor. He seems to have the Midas touch and it has been a year for him to remember, not only with just his work but his personal life too. This newlywed doesn’t even have a year of marriage under his belt, but looking at him and his wife Helen shows the public see how happy and well suited they are together. Maybe this prompted the mega hit Happy.

Pharrell Williams is also a force to be recognized with in the fashion industry with his fashion forward attitude; from his 10 gallon hat to his tux worn with pants above the knee, he knows how to keep the conversations about him in the limelight while getting to plug his favorite designers, as well as the clothing he designs himself. Pharrell’s wife  Helen Lasichanh hasn’t done too bad herself; she has been a model and a fashion designer, and married her best friend after only being engaged for 3 months. Helen looks stunning in every photo and one would never know that she has a child with the rapper. Pharrell Williams and Helen have a son together, ‘Rocket Man Williams,’ who has a song about him featured in Despicable Me, and not every 5-year-old has his own song. A non-traditional marriage of these two took place on a yacht in Miami in October of 2013, and although they dated for years, it was a whirlwind engagement, and they couldn’t look happier, or better suited to each other.

The Voice couldn’t have made a better or more popular choice than Pharrell Williams whose track record really proves that he is far more than just a pretty face. The public is excited about his addition to this already illustrious panel, and being able to see him work his magic in a forum that hasn’t been seen from him yet is already proving to be another one of his hits.

By Kristi Cereska


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