Powdered Alcohol ‘Palcohol’ Will Hit Shelves Later This Year

powdered alcohol palcoholJust this week, a new product was approved by the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. The new product is Palcohol, which is a powdered alcohol that can be put in drinks or even sprinkled over foods, and it will hit the shelves for retail distribution later this year.

Palcohol was created by a man named Mark Phillips, and it is owned by the Lipsmark Company. Phillips said he created the product simply because sometimes it is not convenient to carry around the liquid form of alcohol. He explained that the powdered alcohol will be available in a lightweight form that consumers can easily take with them anywhere and anytime they want to whip up a quick cocktail.

Palcohol powdered alcohol is gluten free and will hit retail shelves later this year in a variety of alcohol and cocktail versions. Initially, Phillips plans to release six different flavors of the product, which will include two alcohol and four cocktail varieties.

The two alcohol versions are V and R. V powdered alcohol is made from premium vodka that has been distilled four times, and R is made using premium Puerto Rican rum. The alcohol version is used in two different ways, as a mixed drink by adding the powder to a mixer, such as orange juice or coke, or by simply adding the powder to five ounces of water. In addition, any flavored drink powder can be added to create a variety of mixed drinks.

The four cocktail versions of Palcohol are Cosmopolitan, Lemon Drop, Mojito, and Powderita, which will taste like a margarita. To use the cocktail versions of powdered alcohol, simply add water. When used as suggested, drinkers can expect the powdered alcohol to have the same strength as that of a standard mixed drink.

While powdered alcohol can be added to foods, users should be aware that they are not actually adding any flavor to their dishes, just booze. In addition, if powdered alcohol is added to food, it should be done so after the cooking process is over; otherwise, the alcohol will simply burn off as the food is being cooked.

A word of caution for those who may be looking for alternate ways to get drunk – powdered alcohol was designed to be used as a drink or a food additive. It should not be used in any other fashion, such as snorting. Phillips has designed the powdered alcohol with added volume to deter people from snorting it. However, for those who decide to throw caution and common sense to the wind and try it, Phillips said to expect a painful experience and know that it will take at least half a cup of snorted powdered alcohol to equal drinking one cocktail. Consumers are strongly advised to heed caution and just not do it.

Palcohol powdered alcohol is a new product that will hit retail shelves later this year, most likely in the fall, and will be available anywhere liquor is sold. Consumers are strongly cautioned to use the product only as directed and in a responsible manner.

By Donna W. Martin



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