Rare Blood Moon Rises During Upcoming Total Eclispe

red-moon-eclipse-101221-02NASA astronomers will be watching excitedly as a rare blood moon rises during an upcoming total eclipse. The eclipse is scheduled to be seen across the sky on April 14-15, granting viewers a spectacular blood-red bulb. Although some religious Christians will be fearing the end of days, most people will have a rare opportunity to view one the solar system’s most beautiful phenomenon.

2014 is a special year, earthlings will be granted two opportunities for total lunar eclipses. The two total lunar eclipses are the first part of a lunar tetrad made of a series of four total lunar eclipses. The lunar eclipses of the lunar tetrad are predicted to form around October 2014, April 2015 and september 2015, with the Los Angeles Griffith Observatory covering the event via live streaming. More specifically it has been predicted to land on October 8, April 8 and September 28 of those years. It is evident that the scientific communities are excited about the blood Moon, but some Christian groups are not so enthusiastic. Pastor and apocalypse author, John Hagee, wants people to embrace Joel 2:31 as evidence: “The sun will be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord come.” Scientists can only speculate that the sun will not turn into darkness, given that it is a massive helium giant burning at temperatures unfathomable here on Earth.

The rare blood Moon rises during the upcoming total eclipse because of a interesting and exact series of cosmological events. A lunar eclipse is born when the sun, Moon and Earth align in such a way that the Earth’s shadow is caused to land on the moon, darkening its surface. The blood-red crimson hue the Moon takes too is conjured by the refraction of the sun’s light through the Earth’s atmosphere. This is the same effect the sun has on planet Earth for the beautiful colorful sunsets experienced everyday. The light from the sunrises and sunsets becomes dispersed and lands on the face of the moon during its mid eclipse.

The total lunar eclipse will also showcase an additional cosmological anomaly with the appearance of an extra fiery, or blood-red Mars. The Martian planet, ablaze in its glory will be seen in the night sky next to the blood Moon, like two red affiliates in the night sky. This will undoubtedly capture the eye of countless photographers and story tellers as the two pilots marvel the skies.

If you are not one of the Christian groups who is fearing the end of days, then April 14-15 should be a magical evening for you. The chance to see this cosmological phenomena, that compelled our ancestors to subscribe divine attributes too, can now be understood by current astronomy and science. As the rare blood Moon rises during the total lunar eclipse, earthlings will be observing their sunrises and sunset’s light being refracted onto the face of the moon. Look closely in the Moon’s vicinity and a fiery mars should accompany the blood Moon, making for a silhouette of cosmological beauty.

Editorial by Zane Foley


17 Responses to "Rare Blood Moon Rises During Upcoming Total Eclispe"

  1. Nadiyah   May 14, 2014 at 3:29 am

    First of all Christianity came before Christ. Second of all no one has living proof he existed. And gods followers DID NOT write the bible. Shakespeare and a hundred others did. And if all this stuff was real, then magic must be real. I mean come on I don’t believe in Jesus but I do believe there is a Creator. A blood red moon just means that an eclipse is near. Seek the knowledge and you will find it.

  2. K Walrath   April 14, 2014 at 10:16 pm

    I was kind of offended by the “christian” remark because I am one. Then I dtarted reading the comments. This is an amazing event! I believe in the 2nd coming of Christ and all the “christian” stuff you are referring to, but get real! It was wrong and low for Zane Foley to make that comment. Enjoy the eclipse. I will.

  3. taunya   April 14, 2014 at 7:11 pm

    I am open if anybody can give me a logical response to be a christian and follow these words: 2 kings 2:23-24 kill brats, isaiah 14:21 kill sons of sinners, hosea 9:11-16 God himself kills children, ezekial 9:5-7 god once again kills women and children, exodus 21:15 be killed for hitting your parents, leviticus 20:9 killed for cursing your parents, leviticus 20:10 killes for adultry, exodus 31:12-15 killed for WORKING in the sabbath,deuteronomy 22:20 non virgin bride yep killed, oh and for the ones who pick and choose what you support and ignore yes homosexuals in leviticus 20:13. This is a small example of what ive researched. I have about 2 dozen more on my list and there were hundreds more in the “good” book. Sounds like a book of vengence written by bitter men who got pissed off over one thing or another and used “god said so” as an excuse. But this is the book YOU choose to beleive and support.
    The eclipse is science and those who dont beleive the big bang research CERN u may b surprised.

    • Kim   April 15, 2014 at 8:18 am

      You know what. People like you are just ignorants of what science really is. You mumble incomplete verse of the bible and yet you’re mocking the same god that gave breath to your life Hippocrit. So, God created science so few things could be plained. In the begin it was the law who rule over all matter, so god killed those who offended the doctrine or mock him, then Jesus came to abolish the law and created a new law. Jesus came because the father sends him to save the people who wanted to be saved and to forgive those who sin; like you just did. Just Don’t take my world, don’t just read the bible if you don’t understand what your reading just visit a Christian church an listen carefully the sermon. Or until the truth open your eyes in hell and it is the real thing sadly I wish you would understand. I use to be like you but i recognize was wrong.


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