RHOA: Is Mama Joyce an Embarrassment to Motherhood?

RHOA's Joyce Jones continuously embarrassed Kandi this seasonThis past season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta (RHOA)  revolved heavily around Kandi’s mother, Joyce Jones. She has “affectionately” been known as Mama Joyce throughout her daughter’s tenure on the show. Joyce has always had a recurring role, however, this go round she has really shown out and nearly established herself to be an embarrassment to motherhood.

Mama Joyce continued her shenanigans as she appeared on part two of the reunion show. Social media blew up with posts and tweets centered on her behavior. Many people were asking whether or not she was high or drunk. Her behavior came across as sporadic among other things but definitely not as a seasoned mother who would know how to represent herself in a public setting.

On one episode during this past season the shoes literally came off as Mama Joyce tried to go head-to-head with Kandi’s friend and assistant Carmon. She took her shoe off in an attempt to hit Carmon with it because she was angered by her presence at the bridal shop.

While Kandi was in the fitting room Mama Joyce attacked Carmon verbally and when the assistant responded she got up and tried to attack her physically. Joyce yelled that Carmon should just leave and Carmon calmly replied, “I’m not going anywhere.” Kandi’s mother jumps up and yells, “This is a family thing and you ain’t family!” As Joyce continued with her childish rant she literally had to be restrained as she continued to shout, “Girl, I’m going to f*** you up.”

When Mama Joyce was questioned about her behavior, after Andy Cohen replayed several clips of her embarrassing antics, she stood by her actions as if she was auditioning for her own spin-off show. True to Kandi’s style she tried to defend her mother to a certain extent but it was extremely obvious that this mogul in the music industry was embarrassed. Kandi, to many of the viewers surprise, challenged some of the things her mother was saying while she arrogantly presented a false reality.

The RHOA reunion show would have been the perfect time for Mama Joyce to apologize for her wild and crazy behavior as well as be the example these women need. When a person blows it, they usually know it. As a person matures instead of making excuses they should use these moments as golden opportunities to expand their personal development. As opposed to the way this “mother” handled her chance to address the situation here are a few tips to help someone during these times:

Admit it: Nothing hinders personal growth like refusing to admit their error. Admitting a mistake is one of the most liberating experiences one can have. Had she admitted her foolish ways she would have taken the control back from the erroneous behavior while unleashing her own personal power to change.

Extract the lesson: The only wasted experience is the one that does not produce growth. Extracting the lesson is like performing an autopsy to diagnose the problem. One cannot “grow” forward until they understand the reason behind their behavior.

Share the wisdom: Once wisdom is gained from any experience it should be shared so others can benefit from it. Life really blossoms when people open up and share wisdom with those that look up to them. The true way to success is by empowering others.

Joyce has always disapproved of Kandi’s choice in men while on the RHOA reality show but this season she went above and beyond displaying her disdain. She furthered those actions as she joined the cast on part two of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show. The truth is Kandi, like any of the other ladies, deserves to be happy and she should not have to waste time and energy defending her mother’s antics. Mama Joyce has not been a positive influence on RHOA this season; instead this woman been nothing shy of an embarrassment to motherhood.

Opinion By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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