Rumor Has It Mitt Romney Might Take Another Crack at White House

romneyJust when Americans thought they had heard the last of Mitt Romney, the rumor mill begins to spin tales that the former presidential candidate might take another crack at the White House in 2016. The rumors are not coming completely out of left field, as Romney has been a busy bee, making appearances on 12 different media programs in the last six months. Add this together with the fact that he is planning a dinner for his previous campaign staff and simple mathematics tells you that there is something going on. Whether or not that “something” is a second attempt at the presidency is yet to be confirmed, but that has not stopped speculation.

Romney has seen a resurgence in popularity recently, largely due to Obama’s big foreign policy goof-ups with Vladimir Putin. When the former Republican candidate was running for president in 2012, one of his biggest criticisms of Obama’s foreign policy was his take on Russia, and in a recent editorial that was penned by Romney, he pulls no punches by pointing out his correct assumption of the situation in light of recent events. While much evidence is pointing toward another bid for the White House, Romney has stated that he absolutely has no intentions of running for president again.

Despite repeatedly saying no to the media about a potential run, many news outlets are buzzing about all of the attention Romney is receiving, some going so far as to call him the front runner for the Republican Party in the 2016 race. These outlets refuse to see this as just a rumor, believing, even seeming to desire, Romney to take another crack at the White House. If the GOP choose Romney, or another establishment figure like him, say for example, Jeb Bush, they are guaranteed to lose the election and the American people will see another Clinton as Commander-in-Chief. Perhaps that is what left-leaning journalists are wanting, drooling on themselves at the idea that a two-time presidential race loser will be Hillary Clinton’s opponent in the 2016 race, all but solidifying her victory. This in and of itself should be sufficient motivation for the Republican Party to make sure that Romney does not get anywhere near the party nomination. Every effort should be made to dissuade him from even thinking of taking a third shot at the presidency.

Even if Romney were to win the presidential race, the country would be no better off under his leadership than Clinton’s. He is a Progressive, as is indicated by his creation of a government run health care program in Massachusetts, similar in nature to Obamacare. If the country is to survive, the same old big government, high spending policies must be stopped. It is impossible to get different results by trying the same exact methods over and over again. A true free market system, something that honestly has not been tried in America, despite what school textbooks say, is the only way to fix things economically. The country needs a candidate who stands for a true free market, will seek to do away with needless regulation, and will do everything possible to get the government out of the private lives of citizens. It is apparent that if the rumor is true, and Mitt Romney takes another crack at the White House, the GOP will practically hand the Democrats the presidency in 2016.

Opinion by Michael Cantrell

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8 Responses to "Rumor Has It Mitt Romney Might Take Another Crack at White House"

  1. Chris Riviello   April 18, 2014 at 9:18 am

    I disagree with you Micheal Ronald Reagan ran for president 2 times lost both then ran for his 3rd time and won. And Ronald Reagan became considerably one of the best if not greatest president in American history. And if a Bush and Clinton run in 2016 our country will rot.

  2. Boley Thomas   April 17, 2014 at 9:17 pm

    This author is so very wrong about Mitt Romney. There are thousands upon thousands of us out here doing everything we can to get Mitt Romney to run again. We support him and are ready to work to put him in the White House. Mitt Romney is far and away the top choice for the presidency regardless of how many times he has run. He will wipe the floor with Hilary Clinton. Winners don’t quite, and Mitt Romney will yet become one of America’s greatest presidents and leaders. #GoPresidentRomney! #mittromney2016\


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